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DOCLINE -- Removing My Library from a Library Group

Question: How do I remove my library from a Library Group?


Contact the DOCLINE Coordinator at the NN/LM DOCLINE Coordination Office to remove your library from the desired library group(s). Once your library has been removed from the Library Group, it will no longer appear in your own Routing Table and requests will not route to you based upon membership in that Library Group.

You may contact the NN/LM DOCLINE Coordination Office at 1-410-706-4173 in the United States or the NRC's National Science Library at 1-800-668-1222 in Canada. Within DOCLINE, select Contact Us from the top menu and click "Contact Your RML" from the Contact DOCLINE page. You can also click "Contact the NN/LM DOCLINE Coordination Office" from the DOCLINE system page which is located at

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