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DOCLINE -- Manual Request Method for Borrowing

Question: When should I use the Manual request method?


The Manual request method is available for instances where:

  • - the article citation is not found in PubMed AND
  • - the journal, monographic, or A/V title sought is not in the NLM LocatorPlus database.

Because no holdings records are available for these items, requests do not route automatically. They route according to the institutions entered in your library's M/A/N Map. The M/A/N map can be edited in the "DOCLINE Options" section of your institution's record. Requests will be routed to NLM after all of the listed institutions in the M/A/N Map, unless you have not selected route to NLM in your Borrowing Preferences, or deselected the checkbox on the request itself.

The Manual request method should not be used unless you have confirmed that the desired item has no record in PubMed or LocatorPlus.

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