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DOCLINE -- Multiple Users Logged Into Same Account

Question: Can multiple users log into the same DOCLINE account at the same time?


Yes. Multiple users can log in using the same user ID at the same time on different PCs. To avoid confusion, we recommend that each user perform a unique function. For example, 'borrowing' is done by one person, and 'receipt and lend' by another person; or 'requests' by one person and 'serial holdings maintenance' by a second person.

Libraries can request additional user accounts with different rights, e.g., 'requests' rights for one person and 'serial holdings update' for another person. To request an additional user account, complete the Contact Your RML form or call 1-800-338-7657. Canadian libraries should call 1-800-668-1222.

Note: It is possible to log in multiple times simultaneously with the same user account on the same PC, but this is NOT recommended by NLM.

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