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DOCLINE -- Preventing Requests from Routing to NLM

Question: How do I prevent a request from routing to NLM?


To prevent an individual request from routing to NLM, deselect the route to NLM checkbox at the bottom of the "Routing Instructions" page before you submit the request.

Note: Even if you have a delivery method selected in NLM Delivery on the "Routing Instructions" page, the request will not route to NLM if the route to NLM checkbox is not selected.

To edit your routing profile so that by default no requests are routed to NLM, edit the DOCLINE Options section of your institution's record as indicated below:

  1. Select Institutions from the main menu, and then click the Update (LIBID) button to edit your institution's information.
  2. Click the DOCLINE Options button from the sidebar on the left.
  3. Under Serial Routing, select No for route to NLM.
  4. Click on the SAVE button at the top of the page.

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