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DOCLINE -- Receipts Printing on Two Pages

Question: How do I prevent Receipts from printing on two pages?


There are a number of different adjustments which may prevent Request Receipts from printing on more than one page. One or more of these adjustments may resolve the issue.

  • You can use the barcode on requests. The barcode prints in less vertical space than the text-only equivalent, even though the request number is displayed beneath the barcode.
  • You can reduce the bottom page margin to 1/2 inch. You can also adjust the top, left, and right margin settings if needed. Note: your printer may limit how small you can set page margins.
    • To adjust the margins in Internet Explorer and Firefox, select Page Setup from the File menu.
  • You can reduce text size.
    • Choose Text Size from the View menu, and choose a smaller setting. Note: This will reduce the size of the on screen text as well as the printed text.
  • You can modify the Header and Footer settings to remove one or both, if only the footer prints on the second page.
    • In Internet Explorer choose Page Setup from the File menu, and then delete the entries in the "Header" and "Footer" fields. In Firefox, select File, Page Setup, and then click on the "Margins & Header/Footer" tab. Select --blank-- using the pull down menu.

Note: Regardless of local settings more than one page may still be required for some requests with lengthy titles, citations, or borrower comments.

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