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DOCLINE -- Requests Statistics


Question: What is the schedule for the DOCLINE Requests Statistics?





Reports are generally released in the 3rd week following the end of the reporting period. The currently available reports, including their release date, are listed below:

Quarterly Report: 1-1A, 1-11A, 1-1AT, 1-1B, 1-2A, 1-22A, 1-2B, 2-14, 5-1A, 5-1B

PeriodRelease Date
Jan-Mar 2016 April 8, 2016
Oct-Dec 2015 January 14, 2016
Jul-Sept 2015 October 9, 2015
Apr-Jun 2015 Jul 10, 2015


Annual Reports: 1-1AY, 1-1BY, 1-2AY, 1-2BY, 1-8B, 1-8D

PeriodRelease Date
Jan-Dec 2015 January 14, 2016
Jan-Dec 2014 January 9, 2015


Annual Reports:1-8A, 1-8C

PeriodRelease Date
Jul 2014 - Jun 2015 July 30, 2015
Jul 2013 - Jun 2014 July 10, 2014


To display the reports: In DOCLINE, select Requests, then Reports.

Users have access to the four most recent quarterly reports and two most recent annual reports. When a new report is generated it will replace the oldest of the listed reports.

PLEASE NOTE: NLM cannot provide reports from previous quarters.

To see a complete list and description of DOCLINE Reports, select the Help link from the top of the DOCLINE menu. In the Table of Contents, select Request Reports, then ILL statistics and reports.

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