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DOCLINE -- Refer to Resource Libraries

 Question: How does route to "Resource Libraries" work?


  • The Resource Libraries checkbox offers the option to have requests which remain unfilled by lenders in the borrower's routing table routinely route to Resource Libraries before they route to NLM.
  • The system randomly selects up to 20 Resource Libraries that report holding the title, and volume or year, and that match the borrower's other routing instructions: Fill from Format, Service Type and Level, Route only to EFTS Participants, and primary delivery method.
  • If 20 libraries do not report owning the title and volume or year, and match the routing instructions and primary delivery method, then DOCLINE will complete the selection of 20 libraries with those Resource Libraries supporting one of the alternate delivery methods and match the other routing instructions.
  • The request will not be re-routed to any Resource Library in your routing table that has already rejected it.
  • You can establish your default choice for this option in the Borrowing Preferences section of "DOCLINE Options" in your library's Institution record.
  • This default choice may be changed on the Routing Instructions page of each individual Borrow request.

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