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DOCLINE -- Reprinting Requests


 Question: How do I reprint requests?


To reprint requests from the Status/Cancel window do the following:

     1.  Select Requests from the DOCLINE main menu.

     2.  Select Status/Cancel.

     3.  Retrieve your request(s) by entering the request number(s), individual patron name or email address in the Request # or Patron search box

          - OR -

          under Define Search Limits, select search criteria (e.g., "DOCLINE" or "Loansome Doc", "Borrow" or "Lend"), choose request status (e.g., "Pending", "Filled") and set the date range you wish to search within.

     4.  Click SEARCH.

     5.  Once the request(s) are displayed, select the checkbox next to the request number(s) for each request you wish to reprint.

     6.  Click Print in Actions for Selected Requests.

     7.  Requests will display in a separate window for printing.  Use your browser's print functionality to print.

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