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DOCLINE -- Reviewing DOCLINE Institution Record

Question: What should I review on my DOCLINE Institution Record?


Accurate information in your DOCLINE Institution Record is essential for the efficient use of DOCLINE.  Institution Record data elements are used on receipts for lenders, in routing as the borrower and as the lender, as well as in DOCLINE system-generated emails. The Institution Record is also your entry in the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NN/LM) membership database, the MedlinePlus Consumer Health Libraries listing, and is used by the Regional Medical Libraries (RMLs) and member libraries for service referrals.

To ensure your data is up to date, please review and update your entire Institution Record annually, and whenever staff, service policies or borrowing preferences change. Confirm that the Borrow or Lend default values reflect current preferences or capabilities (i.e. delivery methods, or service levels). This FAQ contains some key things to consider when reviewing your Institution Record. 

Address | People | Membership | Services & Fees | DOCLINE Options | Routing Tables | Loansome Doc | Activity Summary

To update your Institution Record in DOCLINE, do the following:

  1. From the DOCLINE main menu, select Institutions
  2. Select Update (LIBID)
  3. The Address page displays. Navigation to the other parts of the Institution Record is on the left hand side.



The Institution Address will appear as the directory address for your library in the NN/LM membership database, as well as the MedlinePlus Consumer Health Libraries listing (if inclusion in this list is selected under Services & Fees). It should reflect your formal institution name and official address, not your shipping information. The phone number is the main contact number for your library.

  • Do not include ILL or document delivery address information.
  • Address should be Title Case (e.g., no UPPER CASE).
  • U.S. libraries: please enter the county in which the library resides for mapping purposes and congressional reporting. Enter just the name without 'county'. For example, Montgomery.

The Document Delivery Address is the Ship to: address printed on receipts and should reflect your ILL delivery and contact address. The phone number is the main contact number for your library’s ILL section.

The Billing Address is the Bill to: address printed on receipts and is used by lenders to send your institution invoices and billing correspondence.

The Internet Address fields contain the virtual addresses for your institution and are displayed to other DOCLINE participants and within the NN/LM membership directory.

  • The URLs should begin with http://

If you have made any changes to the Address section, click SAVE to update your record before moving to another page of the Institution Record.



The People page should list staff members associated with document delivery or NN/LM functions, or any key staff that you want searchable in the DOCLINE and NN/LM membership database. DOCLINE uses the email addresses from People records marked with the role "ILL" for Contact Library emails and the role "Loansome Doc" for email from users of the Loansome Doc system.

  • Institutions can list more than one staff member per role. Click ADD PERSON to create a new contact record.
  • List just one person per contact record. Update any existing record listing two names to include just one person, and then create a new record for second person.
  • If an individual name is listed multiple times, delete the duplicates; e.g. Mary Smith and Mary A. Smith. Edit the single preferred version of the contact record as needed, including checking off all of the relevant roles (e.g., ILL, Loansome Doc) for that person. Click SAVE. Delete the other forms of the contact record by clicking Edit, DELETE PERSON.
  • Delete records of staff members who are no longer with the library, or no longer performing listed roles by clicking Edit, DELETE PERSON.



The Membership page displays your NN/LM membership information as well as information regarding your participation and current status in DOCLINE, including Serial Holdings information.

Review and verify Membership Status:

Review and verify Serial Holdings information:

If you have made any changes, click SAVE to update your record before moving to another page of the Institution Record.


Services & Fees

The Services & Fees page describes your institution’s ILL services and charges, and your general library services.

The ILL Services area lists your services specific to DOCLINE.

  • Participates in EFTS indicates whether you are a member of the Electronic Fund Transfer System which allows lenders to submit charges electronically and automatically collect fees from other participating libraries. For information on EFTS, see or Contact Your RML.
  • Provides Color Copies indicates whether your institution can provide color reproductions of articles requested.
  • Fills Rush Requests and Fills Urgent Patient Care Requests indicate what level of service your institution can provide borrowers. Rush requests must be processed the same day, while Urgent requests should be processed immediately. Lenders providing this service must check for new requests at least every 2 hours.
  • Service Comments should briefly describe institution ILL services, hours, and key information. For example, "ILL service offered Mon-Fri, 8:30am - 5pm Pacific Time. We are closed on federal and national holidays."

The Copy Services and Fees section describes your charges for ILL copy requests.

  • The Borrower Group base fees are global and cannot be modified by an individual library.
  • The base fees for Reciprocal Partner should reflect charges for borrowers with an existing ILL agreement with your institution, excluding library group agreements which are covered by the Borrower Group base fee.
  • The base fees for Other ILL should reflect charges for borrowers with no pre-existing agreement with your institution.
  • Copy Surcharges are any fees charged in addition to the base fee for the service type selected (e.g., Rush service). Charges listed here are not the total fee, but any additional fee which might be added to the base fee. For example, if you charge $5 more for Rush service in addition to the base $11 fee then record $5 in the surcharge field.
  • Sends Copies to International Libraries indicates whether you will provide service to international libraries, including Canada – U.S. exchange. Libraries can indicate service to individual countries or all countries.

The Loan Services and Fees section describes your services and charges for loans of "original" material (audio/visual material, books, and journals).

  • Will Loan indicates whether you will lend the item type.
  • The Base Fee is the amount your institution charges for this type of loan.
  • The Loan Period is the length of time your institution lends this type of material.
  • Comments should briefly describe any key service information relating to this type of loan.
  • Loan Surcharges are the fees charged in addition to the base fee for the service type selected (e.g., Rush service).
  • Loans to International Libraries indicates whether your institution will provide original materials (loans) to international countries, including between the U.S. and Canada. Libraries can indicate service to individual countries or all countries.

The Other Services section describes your basic library services and is used for referrals of service for the general public and health professionals.

Authorizes listing in MedlinePlus Consumer Health Libraries Directory indicates whether you want your library listed in MedlinePlus as providing consumer health services to the public. Libraries that list themselves in MedlinePlus should expect increased traffic to their listed web site and should expect to respond to consumer health inquiries in person and by telephone. Note: The MedlinePlus listing is updated once a week, Monday at midnight.

If you have made any changes, click SAVE to update your record before moving to another page of the Institution Record.



The DOCLINE Options page contains many of the values used in routing requests to you as a lender, and from you as a borrower.

The Borrowing Preferences are the default values displayed on the Routing Instructions page during the creation of a Borrow request. They can be modified for individual requests during the Borrow process. A library's routing instruction choices for borrowing are critical for the effective and efficient use of DOCLINE routing.

  • Authorized By is the person authorizing the ILL request at your institution, and thus authorizing payment. The default field value can be "blank", but this is a required field to complete a Borrow request. If you are a one person operation, you may wish to fill out this field to save time placing Borrow requests. If you have more than one person borrowing, leaving this "blank" forces staff to enter data during the Borrow process which may help track your borrowing.
  • Maximum Cost is the maximum fee that your library is willing to pay for a request.
  • Require Patron Name indicates whether or not this value is required in order to complete a request.
  • Copyright Compliance indicates how the borrower is complying with the copyright law. Select "Guidelines" to indicate compliance via the "fair use" provision of the copyright law. Select "Law" to indicate that the borrower pays royalty fees.
  • Comments to Lenders display on the receipt. However, DOCLINE is designed to use the data in the provided request fields, so use the comments field with caution as it is not employed in routing and may not be noted by the lending library.
  • Service Type is the kind of ILL request – copy, color copy, or original.
  • Service Level is the kind of ILL service you normally need – Normal, Rush, or Urgent Patient Care.
  • NLM Delivery Method is the delivery method by which you'd like to receive your requested items from NLM. Note: For quality copies delivered quickly, NLM suggests Web PDF or Email PDF.
  • Network Delivery Method is your institution's preferred delivery receipt method.
  • Network Alternate Delivery Method(s) are your institution's acceptable alternate delivery methods. For detailed information about delivery method selection, see
  • Only Route to EFTS Participants limits the routing of your borrow request to EFTS participants.
  • Loansome Doc Ship To allows libraries to set a default Ship To address for Loansome Doc Transfer requests, either patron or library. The DOCLINE system default is Ship To Patron.

The Serial Routing section options controls how DOCLINE routes your requests. These are the default choices that are displayed for each borrow request and can be modified during the Borrow process. The default values should reflect your normal routing preferences.

  • Selecting the options for Resource Libraries, NLM and All Other Libraries means the system will sequentially search among these options to find a matching lender if a request remains unfilled after earlier routing options.  "All Othere Libraries" is a powerful resource that instructs the routing algorithm to evaluate every remaining library in DOCLINE to determine if a request can be filled by that library based upon holdings and routing instructions. See for detailed information about routing.

The Lending Preferences  section indicates the delivery methods you offer as a Lender and are checked by the routing algorithm before routing to your library.  These settings also govern the default tab displayed for lend request updating (batch or single), as well as configuration of email notifications for incoming requests.  See the FAQ here,, for more details about lend alert notification emails.

If you have made any changes to Lending Preferences, click SAVE to update your record before moving to a new page, including the Routing Table and M/A/N Map pages.


Routing Tables


Serial Routing Table

The Serial Routing Table contains your preferred lenders organized in a hierarchical arrangement. Routing tables are generally structured with lower cost or consortium partners in lower numbered cells, then preferred resource or larger hospital libraries in higher numbered cells. Libraries can choose to put individual libraries or their library groups in their Routing Table. 

The Regional Medical Libraries (RMLs) are invaluable in assisting libraries to build efficient Routing Tables. There is a FAQ detailing what to review and edit in your Routing Table, here:, and step by step instructions on managing and updating it in DOCLINE's online help. 

Click SAVE to update your record before leaving your Routing Table. Once you have completed updating your Routing Table, click REQUEST APPROVAL to notify your RML to review your changes. Only after the RML approves your new Routing Table will it take effect.

M/A/N Map

The M/A/N Map is a nine-cell routing table used for routing Monographs, Audiovisuals, and Non-NLM journals (those lacking an NLM Unique ID). Because no holdings records are available for M/A/N Map items, requests do not route automatically. They are routed sequentially to the institutions entered in your library's M/A/N Map. Your M/A/N Map should contain preferred lenders for these types of materials – generally larger academic libraries likely to have a broad collection. Depending upon your needs, you may choose to enter libraries with collections complementary to yours and to other libraries in your M/A/N Map.

Click SAVE to update your record before leaving your M/A/N Map.


Loansome Doc

The Loansome Doc settings allow libraries to customize the user registration process including displaying what delivery methods are supported, and a note to display to users looking for a library to serve them. 

  • The Delivery Method section indicates the delivery methods you offer as a Loansome Doc Lender. The values selected here will display as the delivery options available to your Loansome Doc patrons.

The Registration section allows libraries to customize the registration process. Requiring the authorization code forces the patron to enter a library-defined value during registration to help ensure that the user has contacted the library prior to registration. The registration section also allows libraries to prompt for a library-defined data element during registration such as an institution ID number. Note: Do not prompt users for private or secure data such as credit card numbers or social security number as DOCLINE is not designed to store this type of secure data.


Activity Summary

The Activity Summary displays statistics from the previous calendar month for Borrow requests placed by your library and Lend requests routed to your library to be filled.  Statistics reported include number of requests in each category, as well as Fill Rate and Days to Process (turnaround time).  Overall DOCLINE system data is included as well. 


Need Assistance?

For assistance with your Institution Record or any part of DOCLINE, you may contact your Regional Medical Library at 1-800-338-7657 in the United States or 1-800-668-1222 in Canada. Within DOCLINE, select Contact Us from the top menu and click "Contact Your RML" from the Contact DOCLINE page. You can also click "Contact Your RML" from the DOCLINE system page.

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