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DOCLINE -- Reviewing Requests without Receipting

Question: How do I review requests without receipting them?


To view requests without receipting them:

  1. Select Requests, then Status/Cancel.
  2. Set search limits to DOCLINE / Lend / All and choose beginning and end dates for the desired time frame.
  3. Click Go on the far right-hand side of the window.

Requests that have not been receipted will be listed under the Action column as "New", "Rerouted TTA", or "Rerouted Online".

Note: NLM encourages the timely receipt of requests. Doing so provides a more accurate picture of active requests which benefits all users of the system (both borrowers and lenders get an accurate status of requests). Timely receipting also prevents unnecessary rerouting of requests after one business day via Time-Triggered Actions.

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