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DOCLINE -- Add Library Group to Routing Table

Question: How do I add a Library Group to my routing table?


Libraries can add only Library Groups that they are members of to their Routing Table. DOCLINE automatically adds and deletes Library Groups from your Routing Table Workspace as your RML updates your membership in a Library Group.

To add a Library Group to your Routing Table,

  1. On the DOCLINE main menu, select Institutions.
  2. Select Update (LIBID).
  3. Select Edit Routing Table.

    In the Proposed Routing Table (default display), select the numbered tab corresponding to the cell in which you want to add your Library Group.

    In the Workspace, select the Library Group to add to that cell.

    Click the left arrow pointing from the Workspace to the Routing Table
    In the Workspace, select the Library Group to add
    In the Workspace, select "Move to Cell #" from the list box and select Go.

    Note: Due to the random selection of libraries during routing, NLM recommends placing a Library Group in a cell by itself, or only with individual libraries that should be treated equally by the routing algorithm

For detailed instructions on managing your routing table, go to DOCLINE Help. Select Updating your Institution and then select Managing your Serials Routing Table.

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