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DOCLINE -- Routing Table Changes

Question: What happens when I make changes to my Routing Table?


You may make changes to your routing table over a period of time without submitting them to your RML by clicking on the SAVE button on the "Routing Table" screen. Changes can be reviewed on the Compare tab of the Routing Table. When you click SAVE, the message "Click REQUEST APPROVAL to notify your RML to activate these proposed changes" appears.

When you are ready to submit your routing table changes to your RML, click on the REQUEST APPROVAL button. A message will be sent to your RML saying that your routing table needs to be approved. The message "Routing table is awaiting RML approval" will appear in the Activity and Status area of your Home page.

Routing Table changes do not take effect until your RML approves them. Approval of a revised routing table may take a few days. The RML will contact your institution if there is a problem with the proposed changes. Please contact your RML if you have a question about the status of the proposed changes to your routing table.

For more detailed information on routing, go to the FAQ "How does Routing work?"

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