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DOCLINE -- Routing To a Library Group

Question: How does routing to a Library Group work?


When routing reaches a cell in your routing table that contains a Library Group, the routing algorithm will randomly select up to 20 libraries from the Library Group and other libraries contained in the same cell IF

a. the selected preferred network delivery method is supported by that institution AND
b. that institution reports owning either the volume or year of the title AND
c. the institution's holdings are in the requested physical format (if Electronic or Text selected) AND
d. the institution is an active DOCLINE participant at the time of routing AND
e. the institution is not in the borrower's Do Not Route to List AND
f.  the institution provides the selected level of service (if above Normal) AND
g. the institution provides color copy service (if selected) AND
h. the institution is an EFTS participant (if selected) AND
i.  the institution's holdings are not embargoed (if electronic);
Then if less than 20 libraries matched for routing,

j. the institution supports one of the network alternate delivery methods selected AND
k. conditions b-i are met.

Note: All libraries in a cell, whether individual or part of a library group, have an equal chance of being selected for routing.

For more detailed information on routing, go to the online help. Choose the section "Routing Requests".

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