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DOCLINE -- Routing Instruction Change

Question: How do I change the routing instructions in my requests?


Individual changes may be made on the "Routing Instructions" page as each request is completed.

  • Select or clear individual Routing Cell check boxes to include or exclude these cells in the routing of an individual request.
  • The Network Delivery, Network Alternative Delivery, and NLM Delivery fields may be changed on each individual request.
  • The requested Service Type, Service Level and the Route to EFTS Participants Only? selections may be changed on each individual request, as can the Fill from Physical Format selection.
  • The Need-By-Date and Maximum Cost field may also be changed, as can the Authorized By, Patron Name, and Comments fields.
  • LIBIDs may be added or removed from the Do Not Route To list.

All Routing Cells can be restored by clicking the Select All Routing Options button. This will also select the checkboxes for Resource Libraries, NLM, and All Other Libraries.

Note: Permanent "Routing Instructions" changes should be made to the DOCLINE Options section of your Institution record.

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