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DOCLINE -- Tugger the DOCLINE Mascot

Question: What does that dog have to do with DOCLINE?


  • Tugger is the DOCLINE mascot. He greets users on the DOCLINE login page - except when the DOCLINE Team needs to post news and informational messages. 
  • Tugger also appears when the system is down for maintenance. Tugger aims to please while the humans work on upgrading DOCLINE.  
  • By popular demand, users can view Tugger whenever they wish.  
  • Important facts about Tugger
    • - Breed: Jack Russell Terrier
    • - Age: 10
    • - Height: 15 inches
    • - Weight: 20 lbs.
    • - Favorite Activities: Playing frisbee, taking naps in the sun, chewing, and snuggling with his humans.
    • - Favorite Foods: Carrots and bananas (Tugger is far less picky than several human members of the DOCLINE Team).
    • - Skills: Sit, stay, shake (paw), crawl, and dance. Tugger is currently working on his rollover skill.


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