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DOCLINE -- Displaying a List of Loansome Doc Patrons

Question: How do I display a list of my Loansome Doc patrons?


To display a list of all of your institution's Loansome Doc Patrons, do the following:

  1. Select Loansome Doc Patrons from the DOCLINE main menu.
  2. Leave the search fields blank.
  3. Click Search.


  • You can select display options under Display results as and Sort order.
  • If you display the results as a "Patron list," you can view and update records only. If you display the results as "Patron address" or "Contact Information," you can select an additional option under In order to to download the results in ASCII.
  • You can sort by fields that are not displayed in a given type of list. For example, you can sort a patron list by the patron's area code, although the area code field does not appear in the patron list.

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