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DOCLINE -- Viewing and Printing a Routing Table

Question: How do I view and print my routing table?


1.     Select the Institutions tab, and then click the "Update (LIBID)" button to edit your institution's information.

2.     Click on "DOCLINE Options" in the sidebar on the left.

3.     Click the "Edit Routing Table" link in the sidebar on the left. This will display the Routing Table work area.

4.     Click on the tab you wish to print:

            -  Proposed tab - shows your Routing Table currently in use by DOCLINE for routing plus any changes you have made (additions, deletions, moves). This tab displays by default.

            -  Current tab - shows the approved Routing Table currently in use by DOCLINE.

            -  Compare tab - shows a list of the differences between your current Routing Table and your "Proposed" Routing Table.

5.     Click on the "Print All Cells" in the sidebar on the left to bring up a print-friendly display window of your routing table information.

6.     Use your browser's "Print" command within the display window to print the routing table information, and then close the window.

For detailed instructions on managing your routing table, go to the online help. Choose the section "Updating your Institution" and see the topics under "Managing your Serials Routing Table".

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