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DOCLINE -- Document Delivery via the Web

Question: How are documents delivered via the Web?


DOCLINE offers two Web-based delivery methods: Web (PDF) and Web (TIFF).

  • Web delivery means that the document is posted to a web server at the lending institution in either PDF or TIFF format.

    Note: The borrowing institution does not require a web server.
  • When using Web-based delivery, the requestor is sent an email message containing a hyperlink to the requested document. The borrower can view, print, or save the document by clicking on the hyperlink in the email message.
  • Lending institutions will determine the length of time each document is available for retrieval from their web server.

    Note: The lending institution is responsible for complying with their licensing agreements for material provided. The requestor is responsible for complying with copyright law.

To locate libraries that provide these delivery methods, do the following:

  1. From the DOCLINE main menu, select Institutions.
  2. Click More Search Options.
  3. Select the Delivery Options button under "Narrow your search with Filters".
  4. Select the checkboxes for Delivers via Web PDF and/or Delivers via Web TIFF.
  5. Click the ADD TO SEARCH button to add these criteria to your search.

The National Library of Medicine currently provides Web (PDF) delivery service using a third party commercial product, Relais.

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