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Donating Books or Journals to NLM's Current Collection

To donate books published since 1914, please:

1. Search our catalog, LocatorPlus® to confirm that the NLM does not already own book(s) you want to donate.

2. If the NLM does not own the book(s), write a "gift offer" which includes a statement confirming you checked our catalog and the NLM does not own the item(s). For each book include:

  • author or editor
  • title
  • place of publication
  • date of publication
  • publisher
  • edition

3. Send the written offer with the information in #2 above to:

    National Library of Medicine
    Collection Development & Acquisition Section
    Bethesda, MD 20894
    Attn: Lorretta Turnage
    (301) 496-3829


To donate journals published 1871 to present:

Use the Journal Donation System to see if NLM needs the volume(s) you want to donate. Any library can register for the system and offer a title.

The NLM will pay shipping for volume(s) we need that you can donate. For assistance, contact the Journal Donation Program at (301) 496-0081 or

Information for donating historical materials (rare manuscripts, medical books published before 1914, or journals published before 1871) to the NLM is at

To donate books or journals to other libraries:

The American Library Association maintains a list of suggestions titled "Sending Books to Needy Libraries: Book Donation Programs."

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Information about monetary donations to the NLM is in Donations to the National Library of Medicine.