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IndexCat™ -- How to Search

Question:  How do I search IndexCat?™


IndexCat™ is keyword searchable and it searches for words located anywhere within a record. Keywords are not case sensitive and can be in any order. Punctuation is not necessary.  Results indicate how many citations match your search term(s) up to a maximum of 1000 items.

To perform a search type the word(s) you want to search in the IndexCat™ search box.


  • Nursing
    Click on the Search button.

The database will also ‘stem’ your search words. Stemming removes suffixes such as ‘-ing,’ ‘-ed,’ ‘-en,’ and ‘s.’


  • A search on “coughing” will also retrieve any results that include the word “cough”.
  • A search on “pill” will also retrieve results containing the term “pills”.

IndexCat™ simultaneously searches Index-Catalogue, eTKeVK2, LocatorPlus®, PubMed®, and PubMed Central®.

Once you enter a search term, the Index-Catalogue, eTKeVK2, LocatorPlus, PubMed and PubMed Central tabs will be displayed. To see your search results, click on the respective tabs. Search terms are highlighted in the results.

The Index-Catalogue and eTKeVK2 tabs will display 10 records per page. If your search yields more than 10 results, click on the 'Next' or page number links at the bottom of the page to view additional records. The LocatorPlus, PubMed and PubMed Central tabs displays links at the bottom of the page to see additional citations within those databases.

For advanced search instructions, see

For more search instructions, see IndexCat™ Help:

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