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Getting Copies of Journal Articles, Books and Other NLM Materials

Question: How can I get a journal article, book, report or audiovisual from NLM?


NLM only provides collection materials to libraries, through a process known as interlibrary-loan (ILL). Individuals who need access to biomedical literature should contact their local library to learn about their resources, ILL services and fees.

NLM will lend books, audiovisuals and other materials in their original format to libraries in the U.S. and U.S. Territories. Article copies are available to any borrowing library world-wide. For more information about ILL services and fees, including specifics about registering with NLM ILL for the first time, see the Interlibrary Loan Fact Sheet.

Individuals who do not have access to a library may be able to set up a Loansome Doc account with a medical or university library and request biomedical literature. See the Loansome Doc Fact Sheet for more information.

Materials in the NLM collections may be used by visitors in the Main and History of Medicine Reading Rooms located in Bethesda, MD. For information about visiting NLM see NLM Reading Rooms and Services.

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