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Document Delivery/ILL -- Charges per request

Question: What are NLM's charges for Interlibrary loan?




The National Library of Medicine's (NLM) charges for U.S. libraries are as follows:

For U.S. Libraries:

  • Ariel, E-mail, Odyssey, Web, Mail, and Pickup - $9.00

For Canadian and other non-U.S. Libraries:

  • Ariel, E-mail, Odyssey and Web - $9.00
  • Mail - $11.00

For U.S. Federal Libraries:

For federal libraries that fully participate in DOCLINE, interlibrary loans are free of charge up to 1,000 requests per fiscal year. Federal library charges apply once the 1,000 limit is reached. Federal libraries that do not participate in DOCLINE are charged the following rate for every request.

  • Ariel, E-mail, Odyssey, Web, Mail, and Pickup - $4.00

For more information on interlibrary loan, please see the NLM Interlibrary loan Fact Sheet.


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