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Document Delivery/ILL -- Rejection of ILL request

Question: Why did NLM reject my ILL request?


The National Library of Medicine (NLM) may have rejected your ILL request for one of the following reasons:

  • Copyright Compliance information (CCG or CCL) is not indicated
  • Incomplete or incorrect citation
  • Item requested is not in NLM's collection. The 'Note to Client' field on the cover sheet will indicate the reason why your request was not filled.
  • Max cost is less than NLM's charge per article
  • Full name of authorizing staff is not included
  • Requests must be submitted via DOCLINE (if DOCLINE member)

Non-DOCLINE requests must contain complete biblographic citations; your institution's NLM assigned library identification number (LIBID); full name of authorizing staff; the maximum you are willing to pay, your required service type and required delivery method.

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