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Creating a List of MEDLINE Journals by Subject or Subset

Use the NLM Broad Subject Terms for Indexed Journals list to do an NLM Catalog search that creates lists of MEDLINE journals by subject and subset.

  1. From the Broad Subject Terms Web page click a subject term. This will send a search to the NLM Catalog to retrieve MEDLINE journals assigned that heading, whether currently or previously indexed.
  2. On the Results page, click Send to.
  3. Select File as the destination and a Format and Sort by preference.
  4. Click Create file.
  5. You will get a File Download pop-up box. Click Save.
  6. Save your file as a document.

Use the NLM Catalog filters to create nursing, dental, consumer health, or other journal subset lists:

  1. First, retrieve all items in the NLM Catalog homepage and enter all [sb] in the search box.
  2. On the Results page, on the Filters sidebar, click on Currently indexed in MEDLINE or click More to see other subsets for Currently Indexed MEDLINE journals:
    • Journals in electronic-only format
    • Journals indexed from the electronic version
    • Consumer Health journals
    • Core clinical journals (AIM)
    • Dental journals
    • Index Medicus journals (IM)
    • Nursing journals
    Additional subsets in the journal subset lists include:
    • Referenced in NCBI DBs
    • Only PubMed journals
    • Currently indexed in MEDLINE
    • Journals currently or previously indexed in MEDLINE
    • PubMed Central journals
    • PubMed Central forthcoming journals
  3. Select the filter you wish to use and click the Show button. The filter will now display on the filter sidebar. Click the filter on the sidebar and your search will be re-run with this filter applied.

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