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FAQ: Finding a List of Current MEDLINE Journals by Country or Language

How do I find a list of current MEDLINE journals by Country of Publication or Language?

Use the NLM Catalog to search for currently indexed MEDLINE Journals by Country or Language.

  1. Enter the following search in the search box: currentlyindexed
    This will give you your set of all currently indexed MEDLINE journals.

To filter your list of currently indexed MEDLINE journals by Language:

  1. On the results page, see the Languages filter on the left sidebar. Default languages shown are English and Spanish.
  2. To see other languages click "More" under the Languages filter. A pop-up box will display additional languages. Select any languages you wish to search by clicking the box to the left of the language. Click the "Show" button to close the pop-up and have the selected languages show on the filter menu.
  3. Click the language on the filter list and your search will be re-run with that filter.

To retrieve a list by currently indexed MEDLINE journals by Place of Publication (Country):

  1. Within the Search box, add to the existing search the country of publication and qualify by [pl] to create a journal list.
    Example: currentlyindexed AND Japan [pl]
  2. Click Search.

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