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Loansome Doc Article Ordering Service -- International Librarians

Question: How can my library become a Loansome Doc provider if it is outside the United States?


  • If you are not a DOCLINE library:
  1. Read the DOCLINE Factsheet at
  2. Use our contact form here: to ask about DOCLINE eligibility for your library.


  • If you are already a DOCLINE library, you just need to update your DOCLINE Institution record:
  1. From the DOCLINE main menu, select Institutions
  2. Select Update (LIBID)
  3. Choose Loansome Doc from the left navigation pane
  4. Make your selections for Loansome DOC service offerings and registration, then click SAVE.

Note: For more detailed information on setting Loansome Doc options, click "Help" at the top of the DOCLINE screen.  In Help, select "Updating your Institution", then "Loansome Doc".


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