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Loansome Doc Article Ordering Service -- Check Order Status

Question: How do I check the status of my Loansome Doc order?


To check the status of your Loansome Doc order, login to Loansome Doc at The Order Status page displays the status of your current Loansome Doc orders.

Click on the arrow to sort the requests by article title (default), request number, or request date. The possible statuses for Loansome Doc articles are:

  1. Filled - Request was filled on the date shown.
  2. Pending; Not viewed by library - Request has been sent to your ordering library, but not yet acted upon.
  3. Pending; Received by library - Request has been viewed by your ordering library. Request is in process.
  4. Pending; Sent to another library - Request could not be filled by your ordering library. Your library has requested the item via interlibrary loan.
  5. Could not be filled - Your request was not filled. No further action will be taken by the library.
  6. Could not be filled; Request Expired – Your request could not be filled before the need by date specified by you. No further action will be taken by the library.

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