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FAQ: LocatorPlus -- Authority Records -- Information in 9XX fields

Question: What information is contained in the 9XX fields of an NLM authority record?


The 99X fields in an authority record are used at NLM for internal tracking. The 993 field indicates who in the library created the record, and the date of creation. The presence of 995 AUTH field indicates the heading has been authorized for use in the catalog.

The 97X fields are used for references which are not true variants of the heading in the record (which are recorded in a 4XX field). Recorded here are earlier names, subordinate bodies, etc., and Spanish translations used by other NLM programs or projects.

  • 970 field contains local variants of personal names
  • 971 field contains local variants of corporate names
  • 972 field contains local variants of conference names
  • 973 field contains local variants of uniform titles

9XX fields are for internal use only and are not distributed outside of NLM

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