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NLM LocatorPlus -- Authority Records -- Kinds of Authority Records

Question: What kinds of authority records will I find in LocatorPlus?


  • - LocatorPlus contains over 1,451,000 authority records. These records are structured according to the MARC 21 Format for Authority Data, published by the Library of Congress at
  • -Authority records include subject authority records, name authority records (personal, corporate, meeting, and geographic names), series 1and uniform title authority records and name/title2 authority records. Associated references and scope notes are also provided.



- 1. In the LocatorPlus retrieval, series appear twice, listed as the "series title" and "non-series title" headings. This is a Voyager peculiarity and NLM has no control over this double display.

- 2. It is current policy at NLM to only create authority records for name/title headings in very limited circumstances.

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