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FAQ: NLM® LocatorPlus® -- Bibliographic Management Download Format


Question: What is the Bibliographic Management Format in LocatorPlus?





The Bibliographic Management Download Format is for downloading records from LocatorPlus into a bibliographic management software program. The format includes the fields commonly used in bibliographies. To use it:

  • Search LocatorPlus.
  • Mark the records you want to download by checking the box to the left of the record number on the results screen. Before proceeding to the next page of results, click Keep Marked Records at the bottom of the page.
  • At the bottom of the screen, in the Select Download Format box, select Bibliographic Management. Under Apply to Records, click the radio button "Selected on all pages."
  • To save records, click on the Print/Save button, then use your browser's Save command.
  • Import the records into your bibliographic management program.

Here is some information on import filters. Send any questions about using the filters to the company listed:

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