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NLM LocatorPlus -- Finding Items Marked "Not Held at NLM"

Question: The call number in LocatorPlus for the book or audiovisual I want is the phrase "Not held at NLM." How do I get this title?


When the call number field displays "Not held at NLM," the National Library of Medicine does not own that item.

  • To locate a library in your area that owns the item, click Find Other Libraries That Own This in the field labeled Other Locations: at the bottom of the LocatorPlus record.

    You will connect to WorldCat, a system that lists library holdings. The libraries closest to you that own the title are displayed first.

    If WorldCat returns too many titles because you are searching for a common title or name, access the WorldCat Advanced Search screen where you can add more information to find a location for the specific item.
  • In some cases, book or audiovisual titles listed in LocatorPlus are available from collaborating organizations which may be able to provide the title through interlibrary loan or for a fee.

    To identify NLM's collaborating partners, click on the MARC VIEW tab and examine the value in the locally defined MARC 21 field 998. Follow the chart below to determine which organization may be able to supply the needed title:
Value in
MARC 21 field
998 ‡a
OrganizationContact Information
5200 Butler Pike
Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462-1298
Telephone: (610) 825-6000
FAX: (610) 834-1275
KIEREL National Reference Center for Bioethics Literature
Kennedy Institute of Ethics
Georgetown University
National Reference Center for Bioethics Literature
Box 571212
Washington, DC 20057-1212
Telephone: (202) 687-3885 or
(800) BIO-ETHX
FAX: (202) 687-6770
NASREL National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Headquarters Information Center
Headquarters Information Center
Washington, DC 20546-0001
Telephone: (202) 358-0000
FAX: (202) 358-3251
NYAREL New York Academy of Medicine
New York Academy of Medicine
1216 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10029-5293
Telephone: (212) 822-7362
FAX: (212) 722-7650

Population Information Program
Johns Hopkins University

Info Project
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Center for Communication Programs
111 Market Place, Suite 310
Baltimore, MD 21202
Telephone: (410) 659-6300
FAX: (410) 659-6266


  • If none of the above values appears in the MARC 21 field 998 in the MARC VIEW for the title you want and the title is a federal government publication, it may be available from:
  • If none of the above values appears in the MARC 21 field 998 in the MARC VIEW for the title you want and the title is not a federal government publication, contact your local library for further help in locating the title.

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