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FAQ: Reporting an Error in PubMed

Question: How do I report an error, such as my name incorrectly spelled, in a PubMed citation?


To report an error in a PubMed citation:

  1. Check the way the citation, for example, the author or title, appears in the publication.
  2. If the information is wrong in the journal, contact the journal publisher. Ask the publisher to publish an "erratum" using the information in the NLM Errata Fact Sheet.
  3. If the information is correct in the publication, and wrong in PubMed:

      Send a message to NLM Customer Services at with:

  • the PMID number (e.g., PMID: 1234567),
  • the correct journal name, volume, issue, and page number,
  • the title of the article,
  • the author name using last name and initials (example, Jones JA), and
  • a clear indication of the incorrect and correct information.

NOTE: PubMed citations with tags [PubMed - in process] and [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] on the Abstract display have not yet been processed through the NLM quality control procedures and are more likely to be incorrect than those labeled, [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]. NLM cannot correct citations with the label [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]; please contact the publisher directly for needed corrections.

Author affiliation errors:

NLM does not edit affiliation data unless there is an NLM-introduced data entry error. We do not add affiliation data to older citations. NLM relies on the affiliation data as supplied by the publisher. This address information is the author's affiliation at the time the work/article was done. The information given is not necessarily the current location of the author, and not necessarily the reprint source. For more information about the treatment of affiliation data over time, see:

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