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Population Health Search Strategy

The Population Health Special Query is a PubMed search of relevant MeSH headings and other text words combined by NLM staff to retrieve citations about health outcomes of a group of individuals, including the distribution of such outcomes within the group. MeSH headings were selected with the assistance of members of the Institute of Medicine Board on Population Health and Public Health staff and a member of the IOM Roundtable on Population Health Improvement.

(population health[tw] AND
(public health[majr] OR
public health administration[mh] OR
public health/education[mh] OR
public health practice[mh] OR
public policy[mh]))
(population[tw] AND
health care quality, access, and evaluation[majr] AND
demography[majr] AND health services[majr])
(health status indicators[majr] AND
population characteristics[majr] AND
social environment[majr])
(health services accessibility[mh] AND
demography[mh] AND disparities[tw])
(population health[ti] AND
(health care quality, access, and evaluation[mh] OR
preventive health services[mh] OR
health planning [mh] OR
health policy [mh] OR
demography[mh] OR
health expenditures[mh] OR
income[mh] OR
population dynamics[mh] OR
social determinants of health[mh] OR
socioeconomic factors[mh] OR
population characteristics[mh] OR
health promotion[mh] OR
public health/education[mh] OR
public health/methods[mh]))
(population health[tw] AND
(community health services[majr] OR
health services[majr] OR
health services research[majr] OR
delivery of health care[majr] OR
health planning[majr] OR
health policy[majr] OR
preventive health services[majr] OR
health care evaluation mechanisms[majr] OR
public health administration[majr] OR
public health/education[majr] OR
public policy[majr] OR
quality of life[majr] OR
health surveys[majr] OR
public health administration[majr] OR
demography[majr] OR
socioeconomic factors[majr] OR
health behavior[majr] OR
attitude to health[majr] OR
social environment[majr] OR
social welfare[majr] OR
population characteristics[majr] OR
vulnerable populations[majr] OR
residence characteristics[mh] OR
poverty[majr] OR
healthcare disparities[majr]))
(health status indicators[mh] AND
mass screening/methods[majr] AND
(health status indicators[majr] AND
public health practice[majr] AND
outcome assessment[mh])
(built environment[tw] AND
(public health[major] OR
population health))
((socioeconomic[tw] OR
inequality[tw] OR
inequalities[tw] OR
disparity[tw] OR
disparities[tw] OR
equity[tw] OR
inequity[tw] OR
inequities[tw] OR
policy[tw] OR
policies[tw] OR
determinants[tw]) AND
population health [tw] NOT
english[la] NOT letter[pt]