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The Literature of Prescription presents the following instructional
resources for educators in high schools and higher education
institutions. The resources provide examples of how the rich
content and primary-source readings in the exhibition can be used
in a classroom. They are developed as instructional suggestions
that an educator may adapt in whole or in part as she or he
deems most appropriate for the students' interest and
academic goals.


High School Lesson Plans

The Rest Cure: Gender in Medicine and Literature and Making Sense of Mental Health: Past and Present
are lesson plans prepared for high-school English and Health Education classes, respectively. Each lesson plan contains background information, relevant academic topics, national standards, learning outcomes, step-by-step procedures, and all instructional materials.

The lesson plans have been developed in collaboration with William Jones and Christy Osterbeck, who teach English and Health Education classes, respectively, at Lakeview High School in St. Clair Shores, Michigan.


Higher Education Module

The Troubled Mind in Medicine and Society is a module developed for undergraduate and graduate courses to accompany the National Library of Medicine exhibition, The Literature of Prescription: Charlotte Perkins Gilman and The Yellow Wall-Paper. The module offers to college and university students and their professors a means to explore the interactions between science and society in Charlotte Perkins Gilman's time with particular attention to gender, the medical profession, and mental illness. It takes the exhibition itself as the starting point and builds on it with additional readings and discussion points, in the hope of enabling students to broaden and enrich the learning experience of the exhibition.

This module is authored by Helen Lefkowitz Horowitz, Ph.D., the Sydenham Clark Parsons Professor of History and American Studies at Smith College.


Online Activities

Exploring Careers in Mental Health introduces online career and health information resources, LifeWorks®, MedlinePlus®, and Find out who the professionals are, what careers/jobs are available, how to enter the field, how much you may earn, and the latest news and studies in the mental health field.


Additional Resources

Manon Parry, the exhibition curator provides a bibliography of additional readings. Yani Yancey,
a 2009 Association of Research Libraries Career Enhancement Program Fellow, offers resources for
high school students by suggesting several fiction and non-fiction readings, as well as a list of mental
health professional and resource organizations

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