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The Literature of Prescription

Online Activity

Exploring Careers in Mental Health offers a starting point for young people to investigate
different jobs in metal health field, as well as to learn more about various mental health
and behavioral disorders.

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1. Meet several mental health professionals featured in LifeWorks®—a career exploration resource
    created by the Science Education Office at the National Institutes of Health, and evaluate their
    perspectives and experiences in working in the mental health field.

  1. Linda Doty (Mental Health & Substance Abuse Social Worker)
  2. David T. George (Psychiatrist)
  3. Debby Hill (Mental Health & Substance Abuse Social Worker)
  4. Craig Kalman (Counseling Psychologist)
  5. Tina Levin (Medical Social Worker)
  6. Megan Robb (Art Therapist)

2. Gather information from LifeWorks® about how you can become a mental health
    professional, and what your earning potential might be.

  1. Clinical Psychologist
  2. Counseling Psychologist
  3. Counselor, Mental Health
  4. Counselor, Substance Abuse and Behavioral Disorder
  5. Neurologist
  6. Psychiatrist
  7. Psychiatric Aide
  8. Psychiatric Technician

Get informed about what’s happening in mental health research and advocacy.

  1. Access the latest, reliable health information about different mental health and behavior disorders in MedlinePlus®, a consumer health information web site from the National Library of Medicine.
  2. Explore programs and resources offered by various mental health professional and advocacy organizations at MedlinePlus®.
  3. Find out what studies of new drugs and treatments for behavioral and mental health disorders are going on in clinical trials.

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