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Accessing toxicology literature from PubMed

TOXLINE PubMed content has been migrated to PubMed as the “Toxicology subset”
Only the PubMed portion of TOXLINE is represented in the Tox Subset. For non-PubMed archival TOXLINE content (no longer updated), please see

  1. To search TOXLINE, append search terms after the “tox [subset] AND”.
    Screen capture of PubMed search with tox [subset] AND pesticides

  2. Alternatively, by clicking on the link below, a “Toxicology” filter will be set.
    Search TOXLINE in PubMed by setting the “Toxicology” filter

    You will see the “Filters activated: Toxicology” on the PubMed search page.
    Enter search terms in the search box
    Screen capture of PubMed filter activated with "Toxicology" filter.

    In the search results, you will see the ‘Toxicology” filter turned on.
    Here’s an example search results page
    Click on “clear” to unset the filter.
    Screen capture of PubMed search results showing the Toxicology filter activated.

Last Reviewed: November 19, 2019