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Cataloging and Metadata Management: Using Medical Subject Headings (MeSH®) in Cataloging

Special Instructions

  • Atlases
    • Use for collections of illustrative plates, charts, etc. and for items in which there are both illustrations and text, even when the text predominates, when the purpose of the text is to explain the illustrations. Do not use for geographic atlases or maps. For maps, use the publication type Maps
  • Case Reports
    • Use for reports of clinical cases in connection with diseases or medical specialties, as well as for single case reports in clinical medicine. It is also assigned in addition to Problems and Exercises to works containing fictional cases used for exam preparation. Do not use Case Reports for institutional case reports. Use instead the MeSH topical heading Organizational Case Studies
  • Catalogs
    • Use for works consisting of lists of items arranged in some definite order, which describe the resources of a collection, including the holdings of a library, items in a museum, etc. Catalogs also include lists of materials prepared for a particular purpose, such as exhibition catalogs, sales catalogs, medical supply catalogs, etc.
  • Collected Works
    • Use for collections of articles that are identified as having been previously published in one or more sources