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Cataloging and Metadata Management: Using Medical Subject Headings (MeSH®) in Cataloging

Special Instructions

  • Nurses' Instruction
    • Use for background material on diseases and other topics written for a nursing audience, which do not include specific nursing procedures
      • Do not use as a substitute for the topical subheading nursing when that subheading is not an allowable qualifier for a given MeSH term
      • Instead, coordinate with the main heading Nursing Care or another appropriate nursing term
      • Do not coordinate Nurses' Instruction with other nursing concepts and do not append Nurses' Instruction to any main heading or main heading subheading combination that already contains the terms "nurse" or "nursing”
  • Outlines
    • Avoid using both Outlines and Handbooks when cataloging a handbook written in outline form. Prefer Handbooks as the more useful designation, unless only very brief phrases are used. When cataloging a handbook, do not use Outline just because the work is written in standard outline form
  • Personal Narratives
    • Use for single as well collections of autobiographical accounts and personal reminiscences. Do not confuse with the MeSH topical subject Autobiography, which is used only for works about autobiography