Fatal cerebral meningitis

[Dr. Fierro]: When we're looking at the brain we can often see if there are infections. Now with the meningitis, or the meningitities, depending on the particular bacteria or virus you see varying degrees of cloudiness, meningitides due to staff or pneumococcas will cause very dramatic puss like material on the convexities. With meningicoccus it's the toxin that is primarily the problem with meningicoccus and you may not have anywhere near as dramatic exudates or puss collecting over the brain surface but it will be there when you look in the spinal fluid. Some of the viral meningitities don't show very much really. The brain may be swollen and you'll have to look under the microscope and in the spinal fluid and with culture, but the clue to that will be in the clinical history. The clinical history of headache, coma, and an increase in cerebral disability. So it will depend on what the ideologic agent is what is the bacteria or the virus or whatever that caused the meningitis.