General autopsy procedure

[Dr. Fierro]: The autopsy itself is an extended surgical procedure and just as the surgeon might open you from the site at the bottom of your breastbone down to your public bone, we would extend that up to the shoulders so that we're able to look into the chest cavity and into the belly cavity. And we would look in the head by making an incision and pushing and pulling the scalp forward and removing the bone, looking and examining the brain and returning it. And autopsy if properly performed should not disfigure the body. Now keep in mind many bodies come in and they are in terrible shape to begin with. They have terribly disfiguring injuries. Well, we're not going to improve their appearance, but hey shouldn't look any worse when they leave us. I think to a man the forensic pathologist holds the body in special reverence and does most anything he can do to keep from having to disfigure it further than it already is.