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CT section of head wound, 2003
Computer reconstruction of bite mark, 2003
The needle used to sew up McKinley's wound, 1901
The shooting of President McKinley, September 21, 1901
Clyde Snow with young Argentinean volunteers, about 1985
Clyde Snow presents forensic evidence in the 1985 trial of members of the Argentine junta
Ethiopia, 1990s
El Salvador, 1992
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Computer reconstruction of bite mark, 2003
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The New Forensic Science

Computer reconstruction of bite mark, 2003
Scientists from the Institute of Forensic Medicine collaborated with police in 2003 to solve a triple homicide. Three women were found beaten to death in an apartment outside of Zürich, Switzerland. One victim had a bite mark on her shoulder. After creating dental casts and using 3-D imaging technology to recreate the bite sequence, scientists were able to prove to a jury that the suspect made the mark. He was found guilty.
Institute of Forensic Medicine, University of Bern