Examining the Organs

I noticed that the deep scalp tissue beneath the bruise on the right side of the face did not show any significant bruising and the lid of the skull was normal. There wasn't a fracture. This is his brain and it isn't very remarkable on examining it outside and there was no evidence of any bleeding into his head. At least it rules the bruise out as being significant in his death. Unless we find something in examining the brain that looks to the contrary, I would at this time suggest that there is no evidence of violence so far as his brain is concerned. So once I have ruled out the possibility of any real trauma to the head we'll keep the brain to allow further more precise study if need be. I think, with making this last cut, that we're able to say the brain is neither swollen nor is it bruised nor is there any evidence of bleeding within the skull or within the brain substance itself. I'm going to take the contents of the stomach for us and give them to you since you'll need them or the toxicology. And I'm also going to take a specimen of bile. Usually the narcotic drugs particularly show up very well in bile and although there is no hint of that in this individual of course we're dealing with an unknown death and I feel that it's important to get a very good drug picture on this individual. The thing that has crossed my mind is that there seemed to be a history that this man had been drinking and yet, when we opened the body cavity and smelled the lungs, and again have the opportunity to smell the stomach contents, that there is none of that yeasty fermented smell that one usually finds with stale alcohol. The liver weighs 1400 grams which is normal. I'm also going to give you a piece of this liver for the toxicology. Kidneys are perfectly normal in outside appearance and inside as well.