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Q: Who reviews my grant?
A: The majority of NLM's applications are reviewed by the Biomedical Library and Informatics Review Committee (BLIRC) (current members of the BLIRC). Some applications are reviewed by Special Emphasis Panels (SEPs), convened on an ad hoc basis. Reviewers are chosen primarily for their subject domain expertise; most also have considerable experience with the NIH granting process. A second level review is performed by NLM's Board of Regents (current members of the BOR). See //, //, and the videos at //  for additional information about the NIH review process.

Q: Who decides whether my grant gets funded?
A: The decision to fund any given grant is made by the Institute Director based on scientific merit (as reflected by the priority score), relevance to the NLM mission, recommendations of the NLM Board of Regents (Council) and availability of funds.

Q: May I suggest experts to review my application?
A: In a cover letter that accompanies your application, you may suggest areas of expertise for reviewers that might best fit the subject area covered by your application. It is not appropriate to suggest specific experts.

Q: What are the criteria used for judging the merit of my grant application?
A: NIH has established general criteria for evaluating an application that apply to all grants. They are:

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