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National Information Center on Health Services Research and Health Care Technology (NICHSR)

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Introduction to Health Services Research : A Self-Study Course

Bibliography of Relevant Articles and Books in Health Services Research

This bibliography contains citations to books and articles used in the e-learning modules and cases. Each module's Enrichment Section also contains links to articles and to Web sites that provide additional information about the content in a module.

Several of the articles are available free but some must be purchased.

Reminder: links to Medline citations and to full text documents off this site will open in a new window. These links are enclosed in square brackets like this: [Online]. Close the opened window when you are done reviewing the content. "Back" will take you to the module or case where you came from.

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A (Top)

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B            (Top)

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C            (Top)

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D            (Top)

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E           (Top)

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F            (Top)

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G            (Top)

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H            (Top)

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I           (Top)

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J K           (Top)

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L            (Top)

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M            (Top)

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N            (Top)

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O P            (Top)

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Q R            (Top)

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S            (Top)

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T            (Top)

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U            (Top)

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V W            (Top)

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X Y Z            (Top)

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