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NLM Technical Bulletin

NLM Technical Bulletin 1997 Jul-Aug; 297

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Technical Notes

NLM Web Site Update Service

You are invited to subscribe to a new e-mail service which announces new/updated files available on the NLM Web site ( and from the NLM Anonymous FTP server ( The messages contain automatically generated lists of new and updated files with their titles and URLs and are a good way to keep up on what is added daily or weekly.

After you subscribe to nlmfiles, you will receive a weekly message each weekend indicating what files, if any, were added or updated on the NLM Web and FTP sites during the previous week. Please note all requests must be entered in the body of your e-mail message; the subject line is ignored.

To subscribe:

Send an e-mail to:
In the body (NOT subject) of the message, type: subscribe nlmfiles

To remove your name from the subscription list:

Send an e-mail to:
In the body (NOT subject) of the message, type: unsubscribe nlmfiles

OR you may subscribe and unsubscribe from the NLM home page as follows:

Open the NLM home page:
Click on News, click on new files mailing list

This information on how to remove yourself from the mailing list will be sent to all subscribers as partly of the weekly message.

For more information about using this mail server:

Send an e-mail message to
In the body (NOT subject) of the message, type: help

To contact the nlmfiles list manager:

Send an e-mail message to:

The nlmfiles mailing list does NOT support general postings. E-mail sent to will be automatically discarded without notice. Any suggestions or recommendations may be sent to:

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Internet Grateful Med® Update

Internet Grateful Med Version 2.3 with the added databases: AIDSDRUGS, AIDSTRIALS, DIRLINE, HISTLINE HSRPROJ, OLDMEDLINE and SDILINE, became available online on July 23, 1997. These databases joined MEDLINE, PREMEDLINE, AIDSLINE and HealthSTAR to bring the total number of databases on Internet Grateful Med to 11.

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The AIDSLINE database was updated on August 1, 1997 with 126 additional abstracts from the 11th International Conference on AIDS. The SI value for these citations is ICA11 and the Entry Month (EM) value is 9709.

While the bulk of the abstracts from this conference were entered into AIDSLINE and put on the Web in January 1997, these 126 late breaking abstracts were not indexed and loaded into AIDSLINE until August 1997.

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Error in Publication Type (PT) Field in CANCERLIT®

An error in the CANCERLIT Publication Type (PT) field has been recently found for approximately 300 non-MEDLINE (ICDB) records from Entry Months (EM) 9702 through 9706. Please be aware that when you search using values such as Review in the PT field; you may not receive correct retrieval from this small subset within CANCERLIT. The data in the PT field in these ICDB records will be revised and corrected during Year-End Processing.

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Location Codes to be Deleted from SERLINE®

The following fields will be removed from SERLINE effective with the October 1997 update:

Regional Locator Codes (L1-L8)

Regional Locator Counts (K1-K8)

Region (RG)

The data in the SERLINE locator fields is no longer current and will not be updated due to technical constraints. Current holdings information is available via SERHOLD(TM), which serves as the basis for DOCLINE®, NLM's online interlibrary loan request and referral system for health sciences libraries. Descriptive information about libraries and other organizations which use NLM's Interlibrary Loan (ILL) services or are a part of the Regional Document Delivery Network is provided by the DOCUSER (DOCUMENT DELIVERY USER) database.

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Expansion of Copy Cataloging

In June 1997, the Cataloging Section began using OCLC member records in copy cataloging of monographs and serials. This practice represents an expansion of copy cataloging, particularly for monographs, where NLM previously relied solely on copy available from the Library of Congress and the U.S. Government Printing Office. This expansion was made possible by the implementation of new NLM designed software which uses the OCLC Z39.50 client/server interface under an agreement with OCLC, Inc.

Users have been able to see bibliographic records for which NLM has provided copy cataloging based on OCLC member copy in its regular USMARC record distribution since July 3, 1997. In conformance with USMARC record content designation, any such records distributed to NLM licensees may be easily recognized by the coding of the USMARC field 040 (Cataloging Source).

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1998 MeSH® Tools - Ordering and Pricing Information

The 1998 MeSH Tools may now be ordered from the National Technical Information Service (NTIS) with delivery expected in October. Questions concerning orders may be directed to NTIS at 800-423-9255. Callers from outside the U.S. or Canada may reach NTIS at 703-487-4650. Questions about standing orders should be directed to NTIS Subscription Section at 703-487-4630.

Orders may be placed in the following ways:

Phone:800-423-9255 or 703-487-4650
Web site:

If you are concerned about Internet security you may register your credit card at NTIS by calling 703-487-4682. If you need a paper form to place your order, you may download a pdf file from or you may call NTIS, at 800-423-9255, to have a form mailed to you.

Medical Subject Headings - Annotated Alphabetic List, 1998
Single Demand Order Number:
NTIS Standing Order Number:
Hardcopy Price:
$49.95 (U.S./Canada/Mexico)
$99.90 (other countries)

Medical Subject Headings - Tree Structures, 1998
Single Demand Order Number:
NTIS Standing Order Number:
Hardcopy Price:
$44.95 (U.S./Canada/Mexico)
$89.90 (other countries)

Permuted Medical Subject Headings, 1998
Single Demand Order Number:
NTIS Standing Order Number:
Hardcopy Price:
$40.95 (U.S./Canada/Mexico)
$81.90 (other countries)
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Notice for Licensees of NLM Databases

Section M of the National Library of Medicine License Agreement to Lease NLM Databases in Machine-Readable Form currently states that the designated representative of the licensee will be sent a copy of each issue of the NLM Technical Bulletin. Beginning in January 1998 when NLM ceases to publish the Technical Bulletin on paper, licensees are advised to go to the NLM Web site to retrieve their copies. Modifications to the License will continue to be published in the electronic version of the Technical Bulletin. Please refer to the article on the cover of this issue for details concerning the discontinuance of the paper version of the NLM Technical Bulletin and the introduction of the Web version.

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NTIS To Charge $5.00 Per Quarter for Deposit Accounts

In June, the National Technical Information Service (NTIS) notified all Deposit Account holders that effective July 1, 1997, NTIS was imposing a $5.00 quarterly service charge ($20.00 annually) for all Deposit Accounts. This includes those used for MEDLARS searching, or for other purposes (ILL, ordering government documents, etc.). Quarterly Deposit Account statements reflecting MEDLARS account activity for July, August, and September 1997 will carry this $5.00 service charge. NLM urges you to consider changing to either free MEDLINE via Web-based PubMed or Internet Grateful Med or changing your billing method to credit card payment to avoid these service charges. You must notify NTIS in writing to close your account, and request a refund of funds deposited, and/or to switch to credit card billing. Please include your NTIS Deposit Account number and the name on the account in your letter; this information can be found on the NTIS invoice. You may send your written notification in one of the following ways:

National Technical Information Service
Attn: Deposit Account Division
5285 Port Royal Road
Springfield, VA 22161


FAX: 703-487-4793
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Surcharge Eliminated

For many years the Library has charged foreign users, as non-U.S. taxpayers, a surcharge that represents their proportional share of the costs of creating the databases. The surcharge has applied to users of the NLM databases whether access was direct to NLM from outside the U.S. or through MEDLARS licensees who provided products or services to users outside the U.S.

The Library recently reviewed its pricing policies in relation to the worldwide free Web access and the spirit of the U.S. Government's Administration's Global Information Infrastructure. That initiative encourages use of the Internet on a global basis. The Library has therefore decided that effective October 1, 1997 to discontinue charging users or licensees a foreign surcharge and urges all licensees to remove NLM's foreign surcharge from their pricing.

The ELHILL and TOXNET "SHOW COST" command displays will be changed to reflect this reduction in cost. Please watch the Online News and Broadcast for an announcement of when the change will be implemented online; it will likely take place sometime around October 1, 1997. Regardless of the date of the online announcement, all billed usage on non-Web based MEDLARS databases will exclude the surcharge portion in the actual invoices, effective, October 1,1997 forward.

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