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 January 07, 2002 [posted]
 PubMed®/MEDLINE® Available with 2002 MeSH and Two Changes

drop cap graphic of the letter O n November 2 the National Library of Medicine (NLM) temporarily stopped adding completed, indexed records to PubMed in order to conduct end of year activities. Please see the article, MEDLINE/PubMed End-of-Year Activities in this issue for more information. These activities are now complete and as of January 4, 2002, MEDLINE citations in PubMed now reflect 2002 MeSH vocabulary. PubMed's MeSH Browser and the MeSH translation table that is used for automatic term mapping also now reflect the 2002 MeSH vocabulary.

On January 5, 2002, we resumed adding new citations including the backlog of citations indexed since November 2 but not yet added to PubMed.

Cubby users are reminded that the addition of 2002 MeSH vocabulary and the addition of citations indexed since November 2 to the database may result in larger-than-normal retrieval for your next updates.

Two changes that were made to PubMed at the same time are described below.

Comments/Corrections are Links in PubMed
The Comments/Corrections family of fields was created last year. The data in these fields (listed below) are citations to other associated journal publications, e.g., comments or errata. In most cases, these data now display as links that take you directly to the other record in PubMed, making it easy to move between associated citations. For example, you can link from a citation for a letter that comments on another article to the PubMed record for that article. On the record for the article, you can link to the letter. If the citation is not a link, it means the link has not been established yet, or there is no record for that citation in PubMed.

Below is a list of the different types of Comments/Corrections that may be found on MEDLINE citations. These fields display as links on the Abstract and Citation formats. The fields also display on the MEDLINE format, although not as links. An asterisk (*) indicates that the field will eventually display on the Summary format.

Comment in: Cites a commentary about the article. Field tag on MEDLINE format = CIN.
Comment on: Cites the article that is the subject of the commentary. Field tag on MEDLINE format = CON.
Corrected and republished in:* Cites the reference of the corrected and republished article. Field tag on MEDLINE format = RPI.
Corrected and republished from: Cites the original article. Field tag on MEDLINE format = RPF.
Erratum in:* Cites the erratum. Field tag on MEDLINE format = EIN.
Erratum for: Cites the original article needing the correction. Field tag on MEDLINE format = EFR.
Retraction in:* Cites the retraction. Field tag on MEDLINE format = RIN.
Retraction of: Cites the article(s) being retracted. Field tag on MEDLINE format = ROF.
Summary for patients in:* Cites a patient summary article. Field tag on MEDLINE format = SPIN.
Original report in: Displays on Patient Summary. Cites original article associated with the patient summary. Field tag on MEDLINE format = ORI.
Update in:* Cites an updated version of the article. Field tag on MEDLINE format = UIN.
Update of: Cites the article being updated. Field tag on MEDLINE format = UOF.

  Comment in Link

  Comment on Link

Full Names
Beginning with articles with a publication year of 2002, PubMed records may include full names. The following full name fields may be available on some records: Full Author (FAU), Full Personal Name as Subject (FPS), and Full Investigator (FIR). Please see the article, MEDLINE Data Changes - 2002. NLM Tech Bull. 2001 Nov-Dec;(323):e11 for information on the full name indexing policy.

BIOETHICSLINE citations converted to MEDLINE in late 2001 have full names on citations prior to publication year 2002. See Bioethics Citations Added to PubMed. NLM Tech Bull. 2001 Sep-Oct;(322):e5 for more information.

The full name will display on the MEDLINE format above the respective name field as in the Author example below:

FAU  -  Foa, Edna B
AU    -  Foa EB
FAU  -  Steketee, Gail S
AU    -  Steketee GS

Full name fields are not searchable.

By Annette M. Nahin
MEDLARS Management Section

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Nahin AM. PubMed®/MEDLINE® Available with 2002 MeSH and Two Changes. NLM Tech Bull. 2002 Jan-Feb;(324):e2.


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