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NLM Technical Bulletin

NLM Technical Bulletin. 1999 January-February; 306

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NLM Classification, 5th Edition

Additions and Changes List 4

The following additions to the Index of the fifth edition of the NLM Classification have been made since the issuance of Additions and Changes, List 3, announced in the November-December 1998 issue of the NLM Technical Bulletin. The Cataloging Section conducted a systematic review of the new 1999 MeSH terms to determine the need for additions and changes to the classification. The resulting additions to the Index are presented in chart form below. There are no significant changes to the Main Schedules or the Index; minor changes such as adding subindexes under specific existing Index terms are not listed.

Additions in the Index
Botrytis     QW 180.5.D38
Botany     QK 625.M7
Calcium Signaling
Cytology     QH 601
Special topics, by subject
See also Calcium     QV 276, etc.; Calcium-Binding Proteins
   QU 55; Calcium Channels     QH 603.I54;
   Calmodulin     QU 55

Cell Death     QH 671

Cell Survival
Effect of physical and chemical agents     QH 650-659
Metabolism     QH 634.5
Special topics, by subject
See also Cell Aging     QH 608, etc.; Cell Death     QH 671;
   Cell Physiology     QH 631

Chondrogenesis     WE 300

Choroidal Neovascularization     WW 245

As a gastrointestinal agent     QV 66
Biochemistry     QU 62
Used in the treatment of particular diseases, with the disease
Collected Correspondence
Physicians and specialists of medically related fields
Collective     WZ 112-150
Individual     WZ 100
Special topics, by subject
Confined Spaces
Related to occupational health     WA 400-495
Special topics, by subject
See also Air Pollutants, Occupational     WA 450; Ecological
   Systems, Closed     WD 756; Ventilation     WA 770, etc.

Dermis     WR 101

Education, Distance
(Form number 18 in any NLM schedule where applicable)
In particular subjects, by subject

Enterocolitis, Necrotizing     WI 420

Epstein-Barr Virus Infections     WC 571

(Form numbers 27-28 in any NLM schedule where applicable)
Fitness Centers     QT 255
See also Recreation     QT 250, etc.
Genetic Predisposition to Disease     QZ 50
To specific diseases, with the disease
Ginkgo biloba
As a medicinal plant     QV 766
Botany     QK 494.5.G48
Heavy Ions     WN 415-450
General physics     QC 702.7.H42
Health physics     WN 110

Heteroptera     QX 503

Hormone Replacement Therapy     WK 190
For specific disorders, with the disorder
See also Estrogen Replacement Therapy     WP 522; and
   names of specific hormones
Hospitalists     WX 203
See also names of specific types of hospitals
As biocompatible materials (General)     QT 37.5.P7
As dosage form     QV 785
Biochemisty     QU 133
Used for special purposes, by subject

Hyperhomocysteinemia     WD 205.5.A5

Internet     TK 5105.875.I57
In medicine (General)     W 26.5
In other special fields (Form number 26.5 in any NLM
   schedule where applicable)
Journalism     PN 4699-5650
In medicine (General)     WZ 345
Latex Allergy
General     WD 300
Contact dermatitis     WR 175
Occupational dermatitis     WR 600
Lithiasis     QZ 180
Localized, by site
See also Bladder Calculi     WJ 500; Calculi     QZ 180, etc.;
   Cholelithiasis     WI 755;
   Common Bile Duct Calculi     WI 755;
   Kidney Calculi     WJ 356; Salivary Duct Calculi WI 230;
   Ureteral Calculi WJ 400; Urinary Calculi     WJ 140
Manipulation, Spinal     WB 535
Used for treatment of particular disorders, with the disorder
Medical Savings Accounts
Economic aspects     W 74
Related to health insurance     W 100-275

Medicare Part A     WT 31

Medicare Part B     WT 31

Medicare Part C     WT 31

Membrane Lipids     QU 85

Molecular Motors
General     QU 55
See also Cytoskeletal Proteins     QU 55;
   Cytoskeleton     QH 603.C96
Myofunctional Therapy
In dentistry (General)     WU 140-140.5
For particular diseases, with the disease
Needs Assessment     W 84.3
In special areas, by subject
Neoadjuvant Therapy     QZ 266-269
For particular diseases, with the disease
Neurogenic Inflammation
General physiopathology     WL 500
In particular diseases, with the disease
Localized, by site
Nurses' Instruction
On specific topics, by subject

Orbital Implants     WW 358

Organisms, Transgenic     QH 442.6

Osteoarthritis, Knee     WE 870

Outsourced Services
In medicine (General)     W 74
Other topics, class by subject if specific; if general, in
   economics number where available
See also Contract Services     W 74, etc.
Oxalic Acid
Biochemistry     QU 98
Toxicology     QV 632

Pericytes     WG 700

Peroxisome Proliferators
As carcinogens (General)     QZ 202
Causing liver neoplasms     WI 735
Personnel Downsizing     HF 5549.5.D55
Hospitals     WX 159
Nursing     WY 30
In special areas, by subject
Phanerochaete     QW 180.5.B2
Botany     QK 629.C785

Photoreceptors, Invertebrate     QL 364

Photoreceptors, Vertebrate     WW 270

Polygenic Inheritance
Medical genetics (General)     QZ 50
Of a particular disease, with the disease
Practice Management
Dental see Practice Management, Dental     WU 77-79
General     W 80
Medical see Practice Management, Medical     W 80
Veterinary     SF 756.4
Special topics, by subject

Radiotherapy, Conformal     WN 250.5.R2

Diseases     SF 994.5
Rats, Long-Evans
As laboratory animals     QY 60.R6
Recovery of Function
In brain injuries     WL 354, etc.
Special topics, by subject

Reduviidae     QX 503

Risk Adjustment
Used in evaluation of quality of health care
General     W 84
Hospitals     WX 153
Special topics, by subject
Risk Sharing, Financial
General     W 74
Other topics, class by subject if specific; if general,
   in economics number where available

Self Efficacy     BF 637.S38

As an antidepressive agent     QV 77.5

Shoulder Pain     WE 810

Silicone Gels
Used in breast implants     WP 910

Sirenia     QL 737.S6-737.S63

Smoking Cessation     WM 290

Tobacco Use Cessation     WM 290

Union Lists
Books or general     Z 695.83
Nonbook material     Z 6851
Serials     Z 6945
On particular subjects, in bibliography number for the subject

Venous Thrombosis     WG 610

Ventricular Remodeling
General     WG 202
Following a particular disease, with the disease

Vitreous Detachment     WW 250

--prepared by Wen-Min Kao
Technical Services Division
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