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NLM Technical Bulletin

NLM Technical Bulletin. 1999 May-June; 308

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HealthSTAR Unique Journal Citations Migrate to PubMed - e3

Internet Grateful Med Update - e4

MLA 1999 - e5

dotBIOETHICSLINE Regenerated and New Bioethics Thesaurus Published - e6

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BIOETHICSLINE Regenerated and
New Bioethics Thesaurus Published

The BIOETHICS file was regenerated at the end of March 1999. This year's regeneration introduced 20 new Keywords in the 1999 Bioethics Thesaurus and mappings to the 1999 MeSH (as generated by "maps" from Bioethics Thesaurus Keywords). Two of the new Keywords are retrospective revisions of former Keywords that were changed to accord with MeSH mapping policies.

New Keywords
Following is a list of the 20 new Keywords in the 1999 Bioethics Thesaurus. They are Keyword Descriptors that can be searched as a subject in any of three search boxes on the Internet Grateful Med search screen. They can also be searched using ELHILL syntax with the forward slash followed by the term and (kw) as a qualifier.

ABORTION, INDUCED (formerly "Abortion")
INSTITUTIONAL ETHICS (formerly "Institutional

Note that, unlike the pattern with MeSH indexing, most new Keyword Descriptors introduced into the Bioethics Thesaurus have previously been used as Keyword Proposed Descriptors. They will therefore retrieve records indexed in earlier years.

Annotated Keywords and Other Search Aids Available on the Web
The annotated alphabetic main part of the 1999 Bioethics Thesaurus is available on the Web via the Library & Information Services Gateway ( of the Kennedy Institute of Ethics (KIE), Georgetown University, where BIOETHICSLINE is produced. The part of the Thesaurus on the Web includes explanatory scope notes and cross references for the 1999 Keywords and approximately 700 other terms used to index BIOETHICSLINE.

To see the main alphabetic portion of the 1999 Bioethics Thesaurus, go to the Web site listed in the previous paragraph, click on BIOETHICSLINE Database, and then click on Bioethics Thesaurus 1999, Annotated List of Keywords [This link was removed because it was not longer valid.] to find the 1999 Keywords.

Search Help Available on the Web
At the BIOETHICSLINE Database Web page you will also find information about searching BIOETHICSLINE on Internet Grateful Med, and about obtaining BIOETHICSLINE searches and documents.

If you go to Directions for searching BIOETHICSLINE® on Internet Grateful Med [This link was removed because it was no longer valid.], in the Searcher's Guide: BIOETHICSLINE® on Internet Grateful Med you will find useful hints on the unique fields available in BIOETHICSLINE records and how best to search this database for information in those fields.

Other Web Resources Available
Also check out the Web pages of the National Reference Center for Bioethics Literature (NRCBL) ( and the National Information Resource on Ethics & Human Genetics ( at the KIE gateway. You will find information on NRCBL library services, annotated bibliographies on bioethical issues, a catalog of syllabi, and links to other Internet resources on bioethics.

Print Edition of the Bioethics Thesaurus
The 1999 print edition of the Bioethics Thesaurus includes:

  • the annotated alphabetic list of Keywords with cross references to broader, narrower, and related terms
  • a permuted index to the Keywords
  • a sample BIOETHICSLINE record
  • a "Selected List of 'Major Issue' Keywords" that are used frequently in indexing
  • an annotated list of 15 Subject Captions (such as AN for analytical and EM for empirical) that are very useful in limiting searches,
  • an annotated list of searchable Publication Types in BIOETHICSLINE
  • and some suggested approaches to devising a Keyword search strategy.

Ordering Information
The 1999 print edition of the Bioethics Thesaurus may be ordered from this address:

Attn: Kathleen Reynolds
Kennedy Institute of Ethics
Georgetown University, Box 571212
Washington, DC 20057-1212
Tel: 800-MED-ETHX or 202-687-6689
FAX: 202-687-6770; e-mail:

The price for delivery via first-class mail in North America is $25 per copy; elsewhere, the airmail price is $30. Orders must be prepaid. Checks should be made payable to the Kennedy Institute of Ethics; charges to MasterCard or VISA are also accepted.

--prepared by Tamar Joy Kahn
Senior Bibliographer, Kennedy Institute of Ethics

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