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NLM Technical Bulletin

NLM Technical Bulletin 1997 Nov-Dec; 299

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dot NLM Classification, 5th Edition, Additions and Changes, List 2 [corrected 1998/03/26]

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NLM Classification, 5th Edition, Additions and Changes, List 2 [corrected 1998/03/26]

[published erratum appears in NLM Technical Bulletin. 1997 Jan-Feb; (300): e1]

The following additions and changes to the fifth edition of the NLM Classification have been made since the issuance of Additions and Changes, List 1, announced in the January-April 1996 issue of the Technical Bulletin. The Cataloging Section conducted a systematic review of the new 1996 and 1997 MeSH terms to determine the need for additions and changes to the classification. The resulting additions and changes are presented in chart form in the following categories: New Table G Numbers Added, Additions/Changes to the Main Schedules, Additions in the Index, and Notable Changes in the Index.

Questions may be referred to Christa Hoffmann at 301-496-7135.

--prepared by Wen-Min Kao
Technical Services Division

New Table G Numbers Added

AS9     -       Southeastern United States

AS95    -       Southwestern United States

DC3     -       Caribbean Region

DG4     -       Grenada

FG9     -       Guernsey

GM35    -       Mediterranean Region

JQ2     -       Qatar

Additions/Changes in the Main Schedules

Note: In the chart below, new numbers and their associated 
headings are italicized.

Page Reference                Change/Addition

p. 39 at QW 525.5             add .I36   Immunophenotyping

p. 48 at QY 21   Medical      change to:  QY 21 Medical  as 
technology a profession.      laboratory technology as a   
Ethics.  Peer review          profession.  Ethics. Peer review

p. 48 at *QY 22               change to: *QY 22   Directories 
Directories of medical        of medical laboratory 
technology (Table G)          technology (Table G)

p. 48 at *QY 22.1             change to: *QY 22.1   
Directories of medical        Directories of medical laboratory
technology (Not Table G)      technology (Not Table G)

p. 60                         add W 82   Medical technology 

p. 60                         add W 83   Telemedicine 
			      (General) (Table G)

add W 83.1                    General coverage (Not Table G)

p. 67                         add WA 30.5   Environmental 
			      medicine.  Environmental illness

p. 69                         add WA 330   Adolescent 
			      health services

p. 96 at WD 200.5             add .I7   Iron metabolism 

p. 110 at WF 141.5            add .C2   Capnography

p. 117 at WG 166.5            add .A3   Angioplasty

p. 161 at WM 420.5            add .I3   Imagery 

p. 174                        add WO 505   Endoscopic 

p. 208                        add WU 460   Dental care 
			      for the chronically ill

p. 229                       add WY 86.5   Holistic nursing

p. 230                       add WY 150.5   Rehabilitation 

	      Additions in the Index

Note: In the chart below, index entries for new numbers 
added are  italicized.

Accidents, Radiation
     In industry   WA 470 

Acupressure   WB 537 

Adolescent Health Services   WA 330 

Anatomy, Cross-Sectional   QS 4
     See also special organs or systems under Anatomy 

Anesthetics, Combined   

For general anesthesia   QV 81 

Angioplasty   WG 166.5.A3
     In the treatment of a particular disease, with the 
       See also Endarterectomy   WG 170 

Anti-Allergic Agents   QV 157 

Anti-Asthmatic Agents   QV 120 

Antibiotic Prophylaxis
     General   QV 350
     In surgery   WO 178-188
     For prevention of specific disease, class with the 
       disease; for use of specific antibiotic, class with 
       the drug 

Anti-HIV Agents   QV 268.5

Anti-Obesity Agents   QV 126
     As appetite depressants   QV 129

Antiparasitic Agents   QV 250

Apoptosis   QH 671 

Appetite Stimulants   QV 100
     Used for a specific disorder, with the disorder 

Aromatherapy   WB 925
     Used for special purposes, by subject 

Beta Carotene   QU 110
     As a coloring agent   WA 712
     Vitamin A related   QU 167 

Bioreactors   TP 248.25.B55
     Special biological systems as bioreactors, with the 
       system,e.g., Erythrocytes   WH 150;
     Animal  cells   TP 248.27.A53 

Bone Marrow Neoplasms   WH 380 

Breast Implants   WP 910 

Bronchoalveolar Lavage   WF 600 

Cancer Vaccines   QZ 266 [corrected 1998/03/26]
     For particular neoplasms, with the neoplasm 

Capillary Leak Syndrome   WG 700
     Capnography   WF 141.5.C2
	  Used for general anesthesia monitoring  WO 275 

Case Management   W 84.7
     In nursing   WY 100 

Cell Culture   QH 585.2-585.45
     In histology   QS 530
	  Techniques   QS 525 

Cell Respiration   QH 633 

Cells, Immobilized   
     Cytology   QH 585.5.I45
     Biotechnology   TP 248.25.I55
     Special topics, by subject 


General   WB 330
     Neoplasms   QZ 267 

Chickenpox Vaccine   WC 572 

Chromosome Breakage   QH 462.B7 

Chronotherapy   WB 340
     For particular diseases, with the disease 

Circumcision, Female   
     Anthropology   GN 484
     Medical procedure   WP 200 

Citric Acid   QU 98 

Color Therapy   WB 890
     For particular diseases, with the disease 

Community Networks   
     In community health services   WA 546
     As information systems   W 26.55.I4 

Computational Biology   QH 506 

Computing Methodologies   
     In medicine (General)   W 26.5
     In other special fields (Form number 26.5 in any NLM 
       schedule where applicable)
     Used for special purposes, by subject 

Condoms   WJ 710 

Condoms, Female   WP 640 

Contraception Behavior   
     General works   HQ 766 

Couples Therapy   WM 430.5.M3 

Craniofacial Abnormalities   WE 705 

Crime Victims   HV 6250-6250.4
     Crisis intervention   WM 401
     Psychological aspects (General)   WM 165 

Critical Pathways   W 84.7
     In nursing   WY 100 

Cultural Diversity   
     Personnel management   HF 5549.5.M5
     As social factor in public health   WA 30
     Special topics, by subject 

Decompression, Surgical   WO 500
     Localized, by site
     For special purposes, by subject 

Defibrillators, Implantable   WG 330 

Delivery of Health Care, Integrated   W 84 

Dental Audit   WU 29
     Of a hospital dental service   WU 27 

Dental Care for Children   WU 480 

Dental Care for Chronically Ill   WU 460 

Dental Implants, Single-Tooth   WU 640 

Dental Prosthesis, Implant-Supported    WU 500-530 

Dental Research   WU 20.5 

Dental Restoration Failure
     Dental Prosthesis   WU 500-530
     Dental Restoration   WU 300-360 

Dentist's Practice Patterns   WU 29 

Dentition, Permanent   WU 210 

Depression, Postpartum   WQ 500 

Dietary Sucrose   QU 83
     As a sweetening agent   WA 712 

Disease Management   W 84.7 

DNA Footprinting   
     As a genetic technique   QH 441 

DNA Methylation   QU 58.5 

Drug Resistance, Neoplasm   
     In drug therapy (General)   QZ 267
     In particular neoplasms, with the neoplasm
     See also Antineoplastic Agents   QV 269, etc. 

Drugs, Essential   
     General works   QV 704
     Economic aspects   QV 736 

Echocardiography, Four-Dimensional   WG 141.5.E2 

Echocardiography, Three-Dimensional    WG 141.5.E2 

Educational Technology   LB 1028.3
     Special topics, by subject 

Embolism, Paradoxical   WG 540 

Embolization, Therapeutic   
     General works   WH 310
     Performed in interventional radiology   WN 200
     Used for the control of operative hemorrhage   WO 500   
     Used for particular diseases, with the disease
     See also Hemostasis, Surgical   WO 500, etc.;
     Hemostatic Techniques   WH 310 

     Medical philosophy
	  History (Ancient)   WZ 51 

Enamel Microabrasion   WU 220 

Endemic Diseases   WA 105
     Statistics and surveys   WA 900
     Specific diseases, with the disease 

Endosonography   WN 208
     Used for special purposes, by subject 

Endotoxemia   WC 240 

     Biochemistry   QU 34
     Physics   QC 318.E57 

Environmental Illness
     General   WA 30.5
     Due to specific etiology, by subject, e.g.,
	  Food Hypersensitivity   WD 310; 
	  Air Pollution, Indoor   WA 754

Environmental Medicine   WA 30.5 

Ethnobotany   GN 476.73
     In medicine
	  Plants, Medicinal   QV 766-770
	  Medicine, Traditional   WB 50
	       History   WZ 309 

Evidence-Based Medicine   WB 102 

Evolution, Molecular   
     In biogenesis   QH 325
     See also Evolution   QH 359-425, etc.;    
	  Genetics   QH 426-470, etc.;
	  Molecular Biology   QH 506 

Expressed Emotion   BF 531-593
     Specific emotions, with the emotion
     Towards patients with specific disorders, with the disorder 

     General physiology   WE 705
     Characteristic of a disease, with the disease 

Fat Substitutes   QU 86 

Feminism   HQ 1101-1870.9 

Financial Support   
     For health planning   WA 525-546
     For research (Form number 20-20.5 in any NLM schedule 
       where applicable)
     For training (Form number 18 in any NLM schedule where 
     See also Health Planning Support; Research Support; 
       Training Support 

Food Packaging   
     Chemical technology   TP 374
     Public health aspects   WA 695-722 

Galanin   WL 104 

Granulocyte Colony-Stimulating Factor   WH 200 

Grave Robbing   WZ 320 

Hair Follicle   WR 450 

Health Care Surveys   W 84.3 

Health Food   
     Nutritive value   QU 145.5
     Public health aspects   WA 695-722 

Health Personnel   W 21
     For the availability and distribution of health 
       personnel see Health Manpower   W 76
     See also names of specific types of personnel, e.g., 
       Allied Health Personnel   W 21.5 

Health Transition   
     Epidemiology   WA 105
     Statistics   WA 900
     Special population groups   WA 300-395 

Heat Stress Disorders   WD 610 

Heat Stroke   WD 610
     See also Sunstroke   WD 610 

Heat-Shock Response   QT 120
     See also Heat-Shock Proteins   QU 55 

Hematologic Neoplasms   WH 525
     Clinical pathology   QZ 350 

Hemorrhagic Fever, Ebola   WC 534 

Hemostatic Techniques   WH 310
     See also Embolization, Therapeutic   WH 310, etc. 

Hepatitis Agents, GB   QW 170 

High-Energy Shock Waves   
     Therapeutic use   WB 480
     Used for special purposes, by subject
     See also Lithotripsy   WJ 166, etc. 

HIV Enteropathy   WC 503.5 

HIV Wasting Syndrome   WC 503.5 

Holistic Nursing   
     General   WY 86.5 

Hyperinsulinemia   WK 880 

     In medicine (General)   W 26.55.S6
     In other special fields (Form number 26.5 in any NLM 
       schedule where applicable) 

Ilizarov Technique   
     Bone lengthening   WE 168
     Fracture fixation   WE 185
     See also names of particular bones, joints, or conditions

Imagery (Psychotherapy)   WM 420.5.I3 

Immunity, Mucosal   
     General   QW 563

Immunophenotyping   QW 525.5.I36 

Infection Control, Dental   WU 29 

Information Management   
     General works   Z 665+
     Special topics, by subject 

Insurance Coverage   
     General   HG 8011-9343
     Health insurance   W 100-275
     See also names of specific types of insurance, e.g., 
       Medicare   WT 31 

Integrase   QU 141 

Intellectual Property   
     Copyright   Z 551-656
     Patents   T 201-342 

Intuition   BF 315.5 

Iron, Dietary   
     Biochemistry   QU 130.5
     Pharmacology   QV 183

Iron Metabolism Disorders   WD 200.5.I7 

Iron Overload   WD 200.5.I7 

Ischemic Preconditioning   QZ 170
     Localized, by site
     See also Ischemic Preconditioning, Myocardial  WG 300 

Ischemic Preconditioning, Myocardial   WG 300 

Jaw Fixation Techniques   WU 610 

Keratectomy, Photorefractive, Excimer Laser  WW 220 

Kinesiology, Applied   WB 890
     Used for particular disorders, with the disorder 

Lactic Acid   QU 98 

Landau-Kleffner Syndrome   WL 340.5 

Leukostasis   WH 200 

Library Materials   
     Acquisition and selection   Z 689-689.8
     Cataloging   Z 693-695.83
     Classification   Z 696-697
	  Medicine   Z 697.M4
     Collection development   Z 687
     Library bookbinding   Z 700
     Preservation   Z 700.9-701.5 

Liver, Artificial   WI 770 

Living Donors   QS 523-524
     Of specific organs, with the organ 

Managed Competition   
     Economic aspects   W 74
     Related to managed care   W 130 

Mandatory Reporting   
     Of child abuse   WA 320
	  Legislation   WA 32-33
     Of elder abuse   WT 30
	  Legislation   WT 32-33 

Marfan Syndrome   WD 375 

Medical Errors   
     In the practice of medicine (General)   WB 100
     In operative surgery   WO 500
     In particular areas, by subject
     See also Diagnostic Errors   WB 141; 
	   Medication Errors   QZ 42, etc. 

Medical Staff, Hospital   WX 203 

See also Medical Staff   W 84;
     Personnel, Hospital   WX 159;
     names of specific types of hospitals 

Medicine, Unani   WZ 80.5.A8
     Currently practiced   WB 50
     Herbal medicine   WB 925 

     Behavior therapy   WM 425.5.R3
     Hygiene   QT 265
     Physical therapy   WB 545
     Transcendental meditation (Psychology)   BF 637.T68 

Megestrol   WP 530
     Used for special purposes, by subject 

Mental Competency   
     Competency to consent in the acceptance of health care   
       W 85
     Legal aspects   W 32-33
       Related to the mentally ill   WM 32-33  

     In psychoanalysis  WM 460.5.D8
     In psychotherapy   WM 420
     In other specific subjects, with the subject 

     Biochemistry   QU 130.5
     Analytical chemistry   QD 139.T7 

Mind-Body Relations (Metaphysics)   
     In alternative medicine   WB 880 

Mineral Fibers   
     Biochemistry   QU 130
     As environmental air pollutants   WA 754
     Causing a specific disease, with the disease 

Mosses   QK 534-549.5 

Motor Neuron Disease   WE 550 

Motor Vehicles   TL 1-390
     Accidents   WA 275
     Air pollution   WA 754
     Human engineering in design   TL 250
     Noise hazard   WA 776
     See also specific type of vehicles, e.g., Ambulances    
       WX 215, etc. 

     In language development   WS 105.5.C8 

     (Form number 18.2 in any NLM schedule where applicable)
     Special topics, by subject 

Muscle Neoplasms   WE 550 

Muscle Weakness   WE 550 

Myocardial Ischemia   WG 300 

Neck Pain   WE 708 

Neovascularization, Physiologic   WG 500 

Neuromuscular Blockade   
     In surgery   WO 234 

No-Observed-Adverse-Effect Level   QV 602
     Of specific drugs, with the drug 

Nucleic Acid Synthesis Inhibitors   QU 58 

     As a scientific method in research (Form number 20 or 
       20.5 in any NLM schedule where applicable)
     In specific topics, by subject 

Occlusal Adjustment   WU 440 

Okadaic Acid   
     As an enzyme inhibitor   QU 143 

Optic Neuropathy, Ischemic   WW 280 

Oral Ulcer   WU 140 

Orphanages   HV 959-1420.5 

Ossification of Posterior Longitudinal Ligament   WE 725 

Osteotomy, Le Fort   WU 610 

Ovulation Detection   WP 540 

     Pharmacology   QV 269
     Therapeutic use   QZ 267 

Pancreas, Artificial   WI 830 

Pancreatitis, Alcoholic   WI 805 

Pelvic Pain   WP 155 

Peroxisomal Disorders   WD 205.5.L5 

Persian Gulf Syndrome   
     Veterans' broad health care issues   UB 368-369.5
     Psychological aspects   WM 170-184
     Particular disorders, with the disorder 

Phacoemulsification   WW 260 

Phantoms, Imaging   WN 150 

Physician-Nurse Relations
     From the physician's perspective   W 62
     From the nurse's perspective   WY 87 

Point-of-Care Systems   
     In hospitals (General)   WX 162
     Special topics, by subject 

Portasystemic Shunt, Transjugular Intrahepatic   WI 720 

Postoperative Hemorrhage   WO 184 

Pregnancy Rate   HB 901-1108 

[original text intentionally deleted 1998/03/26]

     Applied psychology   BF 637.P74
     Medical records confidentiality   WX 173
     Special topics, by subject
     See also Civil Rights 

Quality-Adjusted Life Years   
     Demography   HB 1322
     Special topics, by subject
     See also Quality of Life   WA 30 

Racquet Sports   QT 260.5.R2 

Radiovisiography, Dental   WN 230

Rehabilitation Nursing   WY 150.5
     Of particular diseases, with the nursing number for the 

Renal Agents   
     Therapeutic use    WJ 166
	   See also Anti-Infective Agents, Urinary  QV 243; 
		Diuretics   QV 160; 
		Uricosuric Agents   QV 98 

Reproduction Techniques   WQ 208 

Reproductive History   WQ 205 

Rescue Work   
     First aid   WA 292
     Medical emergencies   WB 105
     For specific conditions, by subject         

Resin Cements   WU 190

Respiratory System Agents   QV 120
     See also specific kinds of agents, e.g.,
	  Antitussive Agents    QV 76, etc. 

Retinal Perforations   WW 270 

     Of a particular disease, with the disease 

Rhizotomy   WL 368 

RNA, Satellite   QU 58.7 

Rural Health Services   WA 390 

Safety Management   
     General   WA 250-288
     In hospitals   WX 185
     In occupational settings   WA 485-491
     Radiation   WN 650
     In specific types of facilities, class with type of 
       facility in the number for administration if number 
       for safety or accident prevention is   
       unavailable; in the general works number if both are 

Salivary Ducts   WI 230 

Self Psychology   WM 460.5.E3
     See also Self Concept   BF 697, etc. 

Sepsis   WC 240 

     Human   HQ 12-449
     In adolescence   WS 462
     In infancy & childhood   WS 105.5.S4
     Psychology   BF 692 

     Alternative medicine   WB 885
     History   WZ 309 

Shoulder Impingement Syndrome   WE 810 

Single-Payer System   W 100-275 

Skull Base   WE 705 

Skull Base Neoplasms   WE 707 

Solar Activity   QB 524-526

Somatropin   WK 515
     Deficiency   WK 550
	  As a cause of a particular disorder, with the 

Soy Proteins   QU 55 
     As a supplement in health or disease   WB 430
     Cookery for protein control   WB 430 

Space Suits   TL 1550
     In space medicine   WD 750-758 

Spectroscopy, Near-Infrared   
     General qualitative and quantitative analysis   QD 96.I5
     Organic analysis   QD 272.S6
     Food analysis   TX 547.2.I53
     Used for special purposes, by subject 

Stethoscopes   WB 26
     See also Auscultation   WB 278 

Stomatognathic Diseases   WU 140 

Stomatognathic System   
     Anatomy   WU 101
     Abnormalities   WU 101.5
     Pathology   WU 140
     Physiology   WU 102
     Surgery   WU 600 

Streptococcus oralis   QW 142.5.C6 

Subacute Care   WX 162-162.5
     Nursing   WY 152
	  Pediatric   WY 159
	  Of a particular disease, with the disease 

Substance Abuse Treatment Centers   WM 29 

Suburban Health   WA 300 

Suburban Health Services   W 84-84.8
     See also Community Health Services   WA 546 

Suicide, Attempted   HV 6543-6548
     Psychiatric aspects   WM 165
     Specific disorders associated with attempted suicide, 
       with the disorder
     See also Crisis Intervention   WM 401 

Superantigens   QW 573 

Surgery, Endoscopic   
     General works   WO 505
     For specific diseases or regions, with the disease or 

Surgery, Minimally Invasive   
     General works   WO 505
     For specific diseases or regions, with the disease or 

Tax Exemption   HJ 2336-2337
     Hospitals   WX 157
     In other fields, in practice management or economics 
       number by subject 

Technology, Medical Laboratory   
     As a profession   QY 21
     Clinical pathology   QY
     Diagnostic and therapeutic techniques   QY 25
     See also Diagnosis, Laboratory   QY, etc. 

     General works   W 83
     In private practice   WB 50
     In particular subjects, by subject 

Telepathology   QY 25 

Teleradiology   WN 160 

Temporomandibular Joint Disk   WU 101-102 

Terminally Ill   
     In infancy and childhood   WS 200
     Medical aspects   WB 310
     Nursing   WY 152
     With a particular disease, with the disease 

Therapeutic Touch   WB 890 

Tobacco Industry   HD 9130-9149 

Tooth Attrition   WU 140 

Tooth Preparation   WU 300 

Tooth Preparation, Prosthodontic   WU 500 

Topography, Medical   WB 700-710
     Of specific diseases, with the disease
     See also Epidemiology   WA 900, etc. 

Toxicity Tests   QV 602
     For specific drugs, with the drug 

Transplantation Conditioning   WO 680
     Used for special purposes, by subject, e.g., Bone 
       Marrow Transplantation   WH 380 

Trauma Centers   WX 215 

Ultrasonography, Mammary   WP 815 

Universal Coverage   W 100-275
     See also names of specific types ofinsurance, e.g., 
       Medicare   WT 31 

Urban Health Services   WA 380 

Vaccines, DNA   QW 805 

Vaginal Discharge   WP 255 

Vascular Capacitance   WG 106 

Vascular Neoplasms   
     General works   WG 500
     In arteries   WG 510
     In veins   WG 600
	  In coronary vessels   WG 300 

Vegetable Proteins   QU 55
     As a supplement in health or disease  WB 430
     Cookery   WB 430 

Veterinary Drugs   SF 917
     See also Veterinary   SF 915 
	  under Pharmacology 

Vocabulary, Controlled   Z 695-695.1
     Medicine   Z 695.1.M48 

Wasting Syndrome   WB 146
     Associated with nutrition disorders   WD 100
	  In infancy & childhood   WS 115
     In connection with specific diseases, with the disease
     See also HIV Wasting Syndrome   WC 503.5 

Women's Health Services   
     General   WA 309 

Zebrafish   QL 638.C94 

	Notable Changes in the Index

Note: Minor changes such as adding subindexes under specific 
existing Index terms are not listed in this chart.

Page Reference                Change

p. I-81 under Embryo          change classification no. 
Transfer at sub-index         from: WQ 205 to:  WQ 208 

p. I-86 at Epithalamus        change entire line to:  
see Diencephalon              Epithalamus   WL 312

p. I-93 at Fertilization      change classification no.   
in Vitro                      from: WQ 205 to:   WQ 208

p. I-100 under Gamete         change classification no.   
Intrafallopian Transfer       from: WQ 205 to: WQ208
at sub-index Human 

p. I-106 at GTP-Binding       change entire line to: 
proteins see G-Proteins       GTP-Binding Proteins   QU 55 

p. I-129 at Insurance,        change to: Insurance, 
Disability see Medicare       Disability   HD  7105.2-7105.25
				 Medicare   WT 31 

p. I-187 at Photons           change to: Photons
see Radiation                    Physics   QC 793.5.P42-   
				 Radiation effects of   
				    WN 600-630
				 Special topics, by subject 

p. I-233 under Surgery,       change classification no.    
Laparoscopic at sub-index     from: WO 500 to:  WO 505
General works  

p. I-236 at Technology,       replace the entire Index entry 
Medical                       with:
			      Technology, Medical
				 General works   W 82
				 Diagnostic and therapeutic 
				    techniques   WB 365
				 Economic aspects   W 74
				 Instrumentation (General)   
				    W 26
				    In special fields (Form 
				       number 26 in any NLM 
				       schedule where applicable) 
				 Special topics, by subject
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