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NLM Technical Bulletin

NLM Technical Bulletin. 1998 November-December; 305

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NLM Classification, 5th Edition

Additions and Changes List 3

The following additions and changes to the fifth edition of the NLM Classification have been made since the issuance of Additions and Changes, List 2, announced in the November-December 1997 issue of the NLM Technical Bulletin. The Cataloging Section conducted a systematic review of the new 1998 MeSH terms to determine the need for additions and changes to the classification. The resulting additions and changes are presented in chart form in the following categories: Addition/Deletion in Table G, New Classification Numbers Added, Additions/Changes in the Main Schedules, Additions in the Index, and Notable Changes in the Index.

Addition/Deletion in Table G
Addition:HC6Congo (Democratic Republic)

New Classification Numbers Added
WI 715Hepatitis (General or not elsewhere classified)
WK 148Endocrine surgical procedures (General)

Additions/Changes in the Main Schedules

Note: In the chart below, new numbers and their associated headings are italicized.

Page ReferenceChange/Addition
p. 131add: WI 715 Hepatitis (General or not elsewhere classified)
p. 142add: WK 148 Surgery (General)
p. 172add * to WO 232.1
p. 172add * to WO 233.1
p. 188add * to WR 32.1
p. 228add * to WY 31

Additions in the Index

Note: In the chart below, index entries for new numbers added are italicized.

Acneiform Eruptions     WR 430

Aging, Premature
In infancy & childhood     WS 104
   See also Progeria     WS 104
In adulthood (General, not associated with specific disease,
   life style, or pathological process)     WT 104
In adulthood in association with general pathological
   processes     QZ 45
In association with specific diseases or behaviors, with the
   disease or behavior
Genetics     QZ 45
See also Werner Syndrome     QZ 45

Alcohol-Related Disorders     WM 274

Animal Structures
Domestic animals     SF 761-767
Wild animals     QL 801-950.9
See also names of specific animals, groups of animals, or specific
   animal organ or structure

Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Dysplasia     WG 330

Attention Deficit and Disruptive Behavior Disorders
General and in infancy & childhood     WS 350.6
In adulthood     WM 190
See also Conduct Disorder     WS 350.6, etc.

Back Injuries     WE 720-755

Bacterial Physiology     QW 52

Biological Phenomena
General     QH 307-307.2
Biological Therapy
General works     WB 365
Of a particular disease, with the disease
See also names of specific therapies, e.g.,
   Immunotherapy     QW 940-949; Organotherapy     WB 391
Biomedical and Dental Materials
Biomedical and biocompatible materials     QT 37
Dental materials     WU 190
Used for special purposes, by subject

Blepharoplasty     WW 205

Blood Coagulation Factor Inhibitors     WH 310
Clinical examination     QY 410
Pharmacology     QV 193

Blood Physiology     WH 100

Blood Vessel Prosthesis Implantation     WG 170
Of a particular region or organ, with the region or organ
See also names of specific vessels, e.g.,
   Coronary Vessels     WG 300
Body Temperature Changes
Physiology     QT 165
In antibody formation     QW 575
In infancy & childhood     WS 141
In ovulation     WP 540
In physical examination     WB 270
See also Body Temperature     WB 270, etc.; Body Temperature
   Regulation     QT 165, etc.; Fever     WB 152, etc.;
   Hypothermia     WD 670, etc.
Body Weight Changes
In infancy & childhood     WS 103
Signs and symptoms     WB 146
See also Body Weight     GN 66, etc.; Obesity     WD 210-212;
   Thinness     GN 66-67.5, etc.;
   Weight Gain     WS 103; Weight Loss     WS 103
Body Weights and Measures
In adulthood     GN 66
In infancy & childhood     WS 103
Tables     WS 16
See also Anthropometry     GN 51-59; Body Height     GN 66,
    etc.; Body Weight     GN 66, etc.

Bone Diseases, Endocrine     WE 250

Bone Marrow Cells     WH 380

Bones of Upper Extremity     WE 805
See also names of specific parts of arm, e.g., Shoulder     WE 810

Breast Implantation     WP 910

Carbon Compounds, Inorganic     QD 181.C1
Pharmacology     QV 138.C1

Cardiomyoplasty     WG 169

Cardiovascular Abnormalities     WG 220

Cardiovascular Physiology     WG 102

Cardiovascular Surgical Procedures     WG 168-169.5

Cell Aging
General     QH 608
Human     WT 104
Plants     QK 725

Cell Physiology     QH 631

Central Nervous System Infections
Diagnosis     WL 141
General works     WL 300
In infancy & childhood     WS 340
Nursing     WY 160.5
Chief Cells, Gastric
Cytology     WI 301
Physiology     WI 302
Chlorine Compounds
Inorganic chemistry     QD 181.C5
Pharmacology     QV 231
Water purification     WA 690

Chondrocytes     WE 300

Clavulanic Acid     QV 350

Clinical Chemistry Tests     QY 90

Cloning, Organism     QH 442.2

Cocaine-Related Disorders     WM 280

Cochlear Implantation     WV 274

Communications Media     P 87-96
See also Mass Media; specific types of media, e.g., Computer
   Communication Networks, Newspapers, Periodicals, Radio,
   Telecommunications, Television, etc.
Special topics, by subject
Conduct Disorder
General and in infancy & childhood     WS 350.6
In adolescence     WS 463
In adulthood     WM 190

Connective Tissue Cells     QS 532.5.C7

Contact Lens Solutions     WW 355

Corneal Topography     WW 220

Cosmetic Techniques
Surgical (General)     WO 600
Skin     WR 650
Specific location, by site
Used for special purposes, by subject
See also Reconstructive Surgical Procedures; Surgery, Plastic;
   names of specific procedures, e.g., Blepharoplasty     WW 205;
   Mammaplasty     WP 910; Rhinoplasty     WV 312
As dietary supplements in health and disease     WB 430
As medicinal plants     QV 766
Botany     QK 495.C9
Pharmacology (General)     QV 38
Special topics, by subject

Death, Sudden, Cardiac     WG 205

Decision Support Systems, Clinical
In medicine (General)     W 26.55.D2
In other special fields (Form number 26.5 in any NLM schedule
   where applicable)
Used for special purpose, by subject
Delirium, Dementia, Amnestic, Cognitive Disorders
Organic mental disorders     WM 140
Organic mental disorders, psychotic     WM 220
See also names of specific disorders, e.g.,
   Amnesia     WM 173.7;
   Cognition Disorders     WM 204, etc.;
   Delirium     WL 340, etc.;
   Dementia     WM 220, etc.

Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever     WC 528

Dental Physiology     WU 102

Diagnostic Equipment
(Form number 26 in any NLM schedule where applicable)
General     WB 26
See also indentions under Equipment and Supplies; Equipment and
   Supplies, Hospital
Diagnostic Techniques and Procedures
General works     WB 141
In infancy & childhood     WS 141
In old age     WT 141
See also Laboratory Techniques and Procedures     QY, etc.;
   names of specific diagnostic techniques; and diagnostic
   techniques for specific organ systems, e.g.,
   Diagnostic Techniques, Cardiovascular     WG 141
Diagnostic Techniques, Cardiovascular     WG 141
See also specific diagnostic procedures, e.g., Angiocardiography
    WG 141.5.A3; Echocardiography     WG 141.5.E2

Diagnostic Techniques, Digestive System     WI 141

Diagnostic Techniques, Endocrine     WK 140

Diagnostic Techniques, Neurological     WL 141

Diagnostic Techniques, Obstetrical and Gynecological
For gynecological conditions (General)     WP 141
For obstetrical conditions (General)     WQ 202
   See also Pregnancy Complications     WQ 240, etc.;
   Pregnancy Tests     QY 335;
   Prenatal Diagnosis     WQ 209

Diagnostic Techniques, Ophthalmological     WW 141-145

Diagnostic Techniques, Otological     WV 210

Diagnostic Techniques, Respiratory System     WF 141

Diagnostic Techniques, Urological     WJ 141

Dietary Supplements     QU 145.5
See also names of specific supplements, e.g.,
   Vitamins     QU 160-220, etc.

Digestive Physiology     WI 102

Digestive System Abnormalities     WI 101
In infancy & childhood     WS 310

Digestive System Fistula     WI 140

Digestive System Surgical Procedures     WI 900

Disabled Children
Education     LC 4001-4806.5
Psychological problems     WS 105.5.H2
Readers for disabled children     PE 1126.D4
Mentally retarded     WS 107.5.R3
Physically disabled     WS 368

DNA-Directed DNA Polymerase     QU 141

Dose Fractionation
Radioisotopes     WN 450
Radium     WN 340
X-rays     WN 250.5.X7
See also Radiation Dosage     WN 665
Drug Toxicity     QZ 42
Special topics, by subject
Elements, Radioactive
General works     WN 420
See also specific radioactive elements, e.g., Radium     WN 300-340

Embryonic Structures     QS 604

Emergency Treatment
Cardiac     WG 205
Dental (General)     WU 105
First aid     WA 292
General     WB 105
In infancy & childhood     WS 205
Surgical     WO 700-820
Veterinary (General)     SF 778
Veterinary surgery     SF 914.3-914.4
For specific emergencies, with the emergency, injury, disease,
   or organ system involved
See also Crisis Intervention     WM 401, etc.; Emergencies
   WG 205, etc.; Emergency Medical Services     WX 215, etc.
Endocrine Cells of Gut     WI 101
See also Gastrointestinal Hormones     WK 170

Endocrine Surgical Procedures     WK 148

Endocrine System     WK
General works     WK 100
Of children     WS 330
Physiology     WK 102
(Form number 26 in any NLM schedule where applicable)
Endospore-Forming Bacteria
General works     QW 50
See also Bacteria     QW, etc.
Epidemiologic Research Design
General works     WA 105
Statistics     WA 900
Theory or methods     WA 950
Epidemiologic Studies     WA 105
Specific topics, by subject

Epithelial Cells     QS 532.5.E7

Epithelium, Corneal     WW 220

Family Relations
Children     WS 105.5.F2
Ethnology     GN 480-480.65
Relations to health see Family Health     WA 308
Relations with the mentally retarded child     WS 107.5.R5
Sociology     HQ 503-1064
See also specific relationship terms, e.g., Father-Child
   Relations     WS 105.5.F2;
   Mother-Child Relations     WS 105.5.F2;
   Parent-Child Relations     WS 105.5.F2;
   Sibling Relations     WS 105.5.F2
Food Industry
Economics     HD 9000-9495
Occupational medicine aspects     WA 400-495
Public health aspects     WA 695-722
Technology     TP 368-684
See also Food Handling     WA 799, etc.; Food Packaging    
   TP 374, etc.; Food-Processing Industry     TP 368-684, etc.;
   Food Technology     TP 368-456, etc.; Meat-Packing
   Industry     TS 1970-1973, etc.; names of specific
   industries and food processing activities
Foot Bones     WE 880
Deformities see Foot Deformities     WE 883
Gastric Mucosa
Cytology     WI 301
Physiology     WI 302
Gonadal Disorders     WK 900
See also Ovarian Diseases     WP 320-322; Testicular
   Diseases     WJ 800-875
Government Programs     J
Programs in particular areas, by subject, e.g., National
   Health Programs     WA 540
Other special topics, by subject
Granuloma, Respiratory Tract     WF 140
See also names of specific diseases, e.g., Rhinoscleroma
   WV 300; Wegener's Granulomatosis     WF 600

Gynecologic Surgical Procedures     WP 660

Health Care Evaluation Mechanisms
General works     W 84
Hospitals     WX 153
Private practice     WB 50
Public health     WA 525-546
Special topics, by subject
Health Care Sector
Economics (General)     W 74
Special topics, by subject
Hearing Impaired Persons
Education     HV 2417-2500
Physical & medical     WV 270-280
Social     HV 2353-2990.5
See also Rehabilitation of Hearing Impaired
   WV 270-280, etc.
Special topics, by subject
See also Deafness     WV 270-280; Hearing Disorders    
   WV 270; and terms for specific hearing disorders

Heart Valve Prosthesis Implantation     WG 169

Hematologic Agents
General works     QV 180
See also names of specific agents, e.g., Anticoagulants     QV
   193; Coagulants     QV 195; Hematinics     QV 181

Hemifacial Spasm     WE 705

Hepatitis, Autoimmune     WI 715

Hepatitis C, Chronic     WC 536

Hot Flashes     WP 580

Immunologic Factors     QW 568

Inorganic Chemicals
Inorganic chemistry     QD 146-197

Intracranial Hypertension     WL 203

Intracranial Hypotension     WL 203

Lamiaceae     QV 767

Leg Bones     WE 850

Limb Deformities, Congenital     WE 800
Of specific limb, with the limb
As an anticholesteremic agent     QU 95
Maxillofacial Abnormalities     WE 705
Dental aspects     WU 101.5

Maxillofacial Prosthesis Implantation     WU 600

Mentally Disabled Persons
Education     LC 4815
See also Education of Mentally Retarded    
    LC 4601-4640.4, etc.
Medical aspects     WM 300-308
Social aspects     HV 3004-3009
Transportation     HV 3005.5
Vocational guidance     HV 3005
See also Disabled Children     LC 4001-4806.5, etc.;
   Mental Retardation     WM 300-308, etc.
Motor Skills Disorders
Developmental     WS 340
Neurologic     WL 390
Psychogenic     WM 197

Musculoskeletal Abnormalities     WE 101

Musculoskeletal Physiology     WE 102

Neck Injuries     WE 708

Neoplasms, Adipose Tissue     QZ 340
Localized, by site

Neoplastic Processes     QZ 202

Nervous System Physiology     WL 102
See also Neurophysiology     WL 102

Neurodegenerative Diseases     WL 359

Neurosurgical Procedures     WL 368

Obstetric Surgical Procedures     WQ 400-450

Ocular Physiology     WW 103

Oligopeptides     QU 68

Ophthalmologic Surgical Procedures     WW 168
See also Surgery     WW 168 under Eye Diseases

Ophthalmoscopes     WW 26

Optic Nerve Neoplasms     WW 280

Oral Fistula
General works for the dentist     WU 140
General works for the gastroenterologist     WI 200
Oral Surgical Procedures     WU 600-640
Atlases     WU 600.7
In infancy & childhood     WU 480
See also Surgery, Oral     WU 600-640, etc.
Organic Chemicals
Organic chemistry     QD 241-441
Orthopedic Procedures     WE 168-190
General works     WE 168
In infancy & childhood     WS 270
Nursing     WY 157.6
Reconstructive orthopedic procedures     WE 190
Veterinary     SF 910.5
See also names of particular bones, joints, or procedures;
   Orthopedics     WE 168-190, etc.

Ossicular Prosthesis     WV 230

Ossicular Replacement     WV 230

Osteogenesis, Distraction     WE 168
In oral surgery     WU 600
Localized, by site
Otologic Surgical Procedures     WV 200
See also Surgery     WV 200 under Ear
Otorhinolaryngologic Surgical Procedures     WV 168
See also Surgery     WV 168 under Otorhinolaryngologic Diseases

Otoscopes     WV 26

Oxygen Compounds     QV 312

Pan paniscus     QL 737.P96
As laboratory animals     QY 60.P7
Diseases     SF 997.5.P7

Paneth Cells     WI 500

Parasitic Diseases, Animal     SF 810.A3

Patient Care     W 84-84.8
Of hospital patients     WX 162-162.5
See also names of specific types of care, e.g., Nursing Care
   WY 100, etc.
Patient Care Management     W 84.7
In nursing     WY 100
Of hospital patients     WX 162-162.5
Special topics, by subject
Penile Implantation     WJ 790
For the treatment of impotence     WJ 709
Perioperative Care     WO 178
See also Perioperative Nursing     WY 161, etc.

Peripheral Nervous System Agents     QV 76.5

Pharmaceutical Solutions     QV 786
Used for specific purposes, by subject
See also specific solution terms, e.g., Contact Lense Solutions
   WW 355; Hypertonic Solutions     QV 786; Isotonic
   Solutions     QV 786; Ophthalmic Solutions     WW 166
Pharmacoepidemiology     QZ 42
Special topics, by subject
Physiological Processes
Domestic animals     SF 768-768.2
General     QT 4
Human (General)     QT 104
Plants see Plant Physiology     QK 710-899
Wild animals     QP, etc.
Special topics, by subject
See also Adaptation, Physiological     QT 140, etc.;
   Physiology QT, etc.; specific physiology terms, and
   indentions for physiology under various topics

Plant Physiology     QK 710-899

Population Characteristics     HB 848-3697
Health problems of special population groups     WA 300-395
Progeria     WS 104
In adults see Werner Syndrome     QZ 45
Prosthesis Implantation     WE 172
Of specific prosthesis, with the prosthesis
See also Prosthesis     WE 172; names of specific implants,
   prostheses, or prosthesis implantation

Protozoan Infections, Animal     SF 780.6

Psychotherapeutic Processes     WM 420
In adolescence     WS 463
In infancy & childhood     WS 350.2
In old age     WT 150

Pulmonary Surgical Procedures     WF 668

Quality Indicators, Health Care
General     W 84
Special topics, by subject

Radiography, Abdominal     WI 900

Radiologic Health     WN 600

Reconstructive Surgical Procedures     WO 600-640
Specific locations, by site
See also Cosmetic Techniques; Surgery, Plastic; specific
   reconstructive surgical procedures, e.g., Blepharoplasty    
   WW 205; Mammaplasty     WP 910;
   Rhinoplasty     WV 312
Rehabilitation of Hearing Impaired
Physical & medical     WV 270-280
Social     HV 2353-2990.5
See also specific rehabilitation devices and procedures, e.g.,
   Hearing Aids     WV 274; Sign Language     HV 2474-2476

Reproductive Control Agents     QV 170

Resource Guides
(Form number 39 in any NLM schedule where applicable)
Anesthesiology     WO 231
Animal poisoning     WD 401
Aviation and space medicine     WD 701
Dentistry     WU 49
Diseases and injuries caused by physical agents     WD 601
Embryology     QS 629
Forensic medicine and dentistry     W 639
Histology     QS 529
Immunologic diseases. Hypersensitivity. Collagen diseases
   WD 301
Immunology     QW 539
Medicine     W 49
Metabolic diseases     WD 200.1
Nursing     WY 49
Nutrition disorders     WD 101
Pharmacy     QV 735
Physiology     QT 29
Plant poisoning     WD 501
Psychiatry     WM 34
Toxicology     QV 607
See also Abstracts; Bibliography; Directories; Handbooks;

Respiratory Physiology     WF 102

Respiratory System Abnormalities     WF 101
In infancy & childhood     WS 280

Respiratory Tract Fistula     WF 140

Retinal Neoplasms     WW 270

Retrocochlear Diseases     WL 330
See also Hearing Loss, Sensorineural     WV 270-276

Rhytidoplasty     WE 705

RNA Virus Infections     WC 501

As a dietary supplement in health or disease     WB 430
As a medicinal plant     QV 766
See also names of specific plants and processed foods, e.g.,
   Wine     WB 444, etc.

Sebaceous Gland Diseases     WR 410

Sensory System Agents     QV 76.5
See also specific kinds of agents, e.g., Analgesics     QV 95; Anesthetics, Local     QV 110-115
Sex Determination (Genetics)     QS 638
See also Sex Determination (Analysis)     WQ 206;
   Sex Differentiation     QS 640

Sexual and Gender Disorders     WM 611

Signs and Symptoms
Digestive system diseases see Signs and Symptoms,
   Digestive WI 143
General     WB 143
Intestinal diseases     WI 405
Otorhinolaryngologic diseases     WV 150
Pain     WB 176
Respiratory tract diseases see Signs and Symptoms,
   Respiratory     WF 143
Specific diseases with disease, in diagnosis number if
Thinness     WB 146
See also Eye Manifestations     WW 475, etc.; Neurologic
   Manifestations     WL 340, etc.; Oral Manifestations
   WU 290; Skin Manifestations     WR 143

Signs and Symptoms, Digestive     WI 143

Signs and Symptoms, Respiratory     WF 143

As an anticholesteremic agent     QU 95
Skeletal Muscle Ventricle
Used in cardiomyoplasty     WG 169
Skin Abnormalities
General     WR 218

Skin Diseases, Genetic     WR 218

Skin Diseases, Metabolic
General     WR 140
See also names of specific disorders, e.g., Adiposis
   Dolorosa     WD 214

Skin Physiology     WR 102

Sodium Azide     QU 54

Sphygmomanometers     WG 26

Spinal Curvatures     WE 735
See also names of specific disorders, e.g., Kyphosis,
   Lordosis, Scoliosis
Sports Equipment
General     QT 26
For a specific sport, with the sport

Stereotypic Movement Disorder     WM 197

General     WI 900
Nursing     WY 161
Created for a specific organ, with the organ, e.g.,
   Colon     WI 520

Stomatognathic System Abnormalities     WU 101.5

Sulfur Compounds     QV 265

Thoracic Surgical Procedures     WF 980

Thrombophilia     QZ 170

Thrombospondins     QU 55

Tissue Expansion
General     WO 600
Localized, by site
For specific conditions, with the condition
Tooth Components     WU 220-230
See also names of specific components, e.g., Dental
   Enamel     WU 220; Dental Pulp     WU 230
Transplants     WO 660-690
Specific organs, tissues, or cells; with the organ,
   tissue or cell

Urinary Tract Physiology     WJ 102

Urogenital Abnormalities     WJ 101

Urogenital Surgical Procedures     WJ 168

Urologic Surgical Procedures     WJ 168

Urologic Surgical Procedures, Male
General works     WJ 700
See also Urogenital Surgical Procedures     WJ 168
Vascular Fistula
General     WG 500

Viral Physiology     QW 160

Visually Impaired Persons
Physical & medical
Blind     WW 276
Vision disorders (General)     WW 140
Social     HV 1573-2349
Special topics, by subject
See also Blindness     WW 276, etc.; Vision Disorders
    WW 140, etc.

Werner Syndrome     QZ 45

Wolves     QL 737.C22

As dietary supplements in health and disease     WB 430
As medicinal plants     QV 766
Botany     QK 495.A14
Zingiberaceae (Ginger)     QK 495.Z65
Pharmacology     QV 82

Notable Changes in the Index

Note: Minor changes such as adding subindexes under specific existing Index terms are not listed in this chart.

Page ReferenceChange
p. I-112 at Hepatitischange classification no. from: WI 700 to WI 715
p. I-112 at Hepatitis, Alcoholicchange classification no. from: WI 700 to WI 715
p. I-113 at Hepatitis, Chronic Active     WC 536change to:
Hepatitis, Chronic
   General or unspecified     WI
   See also specific names of
   Hepatitis, e.g., Hepatitis C,
   Chronic     WC 536
p. I-113 at Hepatitis, Toxicchange classification no. from: WI 700 to WI 715

--prepared by Wen-Min Kao
Technical Services Division

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